May 20th, 2021



Expert Shares How to Cope w the New “Normal” of Work-Life & Why Employee Self-Care is CrucialRobert Allen: Self CareThe pandemic has dramatically focused our attention on health and wellness allowing us all to reflect on what’s truly important in life: family, physical health, and mental wellness. As America emerges from the pandemic, her workforce will struggle to find a new normal. Working remotely has shifted the paradigm and blurred the lines separating work and personal life. The stress of always-on availability is insidious.  

According to Robert Allen, in order for businesses to be successful and competitive in the post-pandemic age, they need to double down on mental health initiatives and have proactive measures in place to help employees adjust and prevent burnout.

"The new “normal” of work-life needs to be focused on health and mental wellness. COVID-19 exacerbated an already existing mental health issue of workplace burnout. The psychological effects of prolonged home confinement have yet to fully emerge...”

...says Allen, a Mental Health Activist and business consultant who is fighting to improve mental health conditions for workers. He is an advocate of engaging workers through innovative mental health initiatives like “self-care training”. Although “self-care” seems like an obvious concept, it is much more intricate and multifaceted than one may think. The truth is, many people do not actually understand what it is or how to use it. According to Allen, promoting self-care in the workplace is crucial.  

“Self-Care is a popular buzzword today that conjures up images of bubble baths and yoga...but in actuality, self-care looks different for everyone and is a lot more than skincare and scented candles. It is an incredibly effective strategy to prevent burn-out and increase productivity...”

...says Allen who has seen the significant positive impact of self-care on productivity and profits. A company cannot be successful with unhappy and unhealthy employees. Self-Care is insurance against burnout. It enables you to have healthy relationships and respond to stress appropriately. By modeling what it means to take care of yourself–while also encouraging a culture that supports self-care–you'll prevent burnout among your team. ABOUT ROBERT ALLEN:Robert Allen headshot - formatted.pngRobert Allen is a mental health activist, growth coach, and author with multiple advanced degrees in the areas of business, counseling, education, divinity, healthcare, and leadership. With over 20 years of experience in both the public and private sector, Robert has served in various industries, from education, military, law enforcement, business, mental health, and ministry. He is the founder and CEO of New Dimensions Consulting Services Solutions, a company that specializes in helping businesses, entrepreneurs, and everyday people maximize their talents by engaging them through innovative mental health initiatives as well as leadership development, employee engagement, project management, operational consulting and corporate strategy. His book Self Care: Let's Start the Conversation is a refreshing conversation on healthy self-care concepts and practices that not only exposes the myths but also provides sound, concise principles, and guidance for those seeking effective strategies for retreating, reflecting, replenishing, and restoring themselves at every level of their lives.

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