February 21st, 2017

// 21st Century Way to Zen MAGNESPHERE from SaunaBar

21st Century Way to Zen

Yoga and meditation may help you bliss out, but the latest trend emerging from Los Angeles is the Magnesphere exclusively at SaunaBar. Featuring magnetic resonance therapy- this cutting edge piece of machinery utilizes electromagnetic fields to enhance feelings of relaxation. It’s the ultimate way to Zen out, meditate and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

How it works:
Relax in a comfortable chair inside the Magnesphere activating every nucleus of every cell in your body. Coupled copper coils create a magnetic field which harmonizes with your body. Enter a new spirit gravity as you sit back and relax in a transcending experience, which realigns each of your body’s natural energy centers.  Patients remain awake for the 30-60 minute sessions, but have been known to drift off into slumber because the anti-gravity chair they're laying in is so relaxing.
Holistic Healing Benefits include:
• Transcendental healing experience
• Realign out of balance energies
• Awaken spiritually as you relax physically and mentally
• Put the spring back in your step after only a couple sessions
• Allow your body to activate its own natural healing processes via magnetic resonance
• Improve balance- coupled copper coils create an elevating magnetic field
• Target pain- each 30-60 minute sessions specifically target pain, stiffness and stress
• Reduce Stress- allow yourself to enter a state of deep meditation as the Magnesphere’s electromagnetic polarity permeates each molecule of your body.
• Better sleep- synergized magnetic resonance treats insomnia and restores natural biorhythms
• Aid focus- sharpen your attention by restoring your body’s natural balance mechanisms

Three to six initial sessions are recommended in the first two weeks, with a follow up regiment developed and tailored to the unique response exhibited by patients.
For more information please visit www.saunabar.com or contact Kip Morrison & Associates.


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