June 19th, 2020

// 3 Types of Exercise That Will Help Your Weight Loss Journey

3 Types of Exercise That Will Help Your Weight Loss Journey

Almost half of the American population will try to lose weight every year. Dieting and exercising are the most common methods used to help people lose weight. Exercises help burn calories leading to the loss of weight. All exercises were not created equal, and some give faster results than others. Different types of exercises are used to achieve different results. All exercises work by increasing a person's heart rate that results in increased metabolism and burning of calories. The amount of weight one can lose depends on age, starting weight, gender, diet, and genetics, among others.


Most people choose cardio when they want to lose weight. It is a convenient and easy way for beginners to exercise without equipment. Cardio also has a lower impact hence does not stress the joints. Cardio works excellent in increasing heart rate and burning calories, especially the harmful visceral fat commonly called belly fat. Cardio can be done in two different ways; Cardio Intervals and steady-state training.

Cardio intervals are the normal running, jogging, cycling, and walking exercises in alternate cycles of high intensity and lower intensity periods. You can alternate jogging with sprinting. In steady-state training, one goes for cardio at a steady pace to increase their stamina and endurance. Research shows that cardio intervals are more effective in weight loss than steady-state training and one should incorporate both in their workout

Strength Training

Strength training encompasses the lifting of weights. It is one of the best ways to lose weight by encouraging fat loss and muscle growth. Whether one chooses to use light or heavyweights, lifting weight will get rid of the excess fats on the body. One can use strength training equipment such as dumbells, weight machines, and kettlebells. Using your body weight is also a very effective form of exercise. Strength training is a very efficient way to lose fats since the more muscle you build, the more calories you burn. In strength training, one can do squats using dumbbells and Burpees.

Compound Movements

Compound movements involve incorporating both cardio and strength training in your work out so that you burn not only calories but also build strength. A compound movement targets multiple muscles at a time.

Incorporating both cardio training and lifting weights in your work out plan helps improve muscle mass, improves bone density, and strengthens the cardiovascular system. To mix them, you can do a one-minute run on the treadmill between your weight lifting exercises.


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