October 7th, 2020

// 4 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

4 Birthday Gift Ideas for the Runner in Your Life

Avid runners are constantly in need of new gear to enjoy their physical hobby because they literally run through it. Running is a sport that requires quality, well made, and fitted items and gear to both help the runner train and recover.

If you have a runner in your life, some new gear as a birthday present is a great and useful idea. Consider these four birthday gift ideas for the runner in your life this year.

Running Shoes

Good running shoes are expensive, and they are the most important piece of gear a runner needs. Because a regular runner is capable of running through a pair of shoes in just a couple months, they are constantly in need of new ones. Running shoes are made specifically for the sport, and every runner will need a specific type of shoe that is molded to the shape of their feet. For this reason, make sure you get detailed information on the type of shoe your runner needs before buying.

GPS Watch

A good GPS watch is a great training tool for a runner. Whether training for a marathon or for personal enjoyment and fitness, runners like to track their progress and runs. A GPS device allows runners to easily keep track of their pace so that they can better plan their runs, taking into account the specific topography and layout of the area they are training in.

Running Clothes

Running clothing is specifically made to ease the comfort of a runner while supporting a run. Everything from visibility to moisture wicking to invisible seams are included in running clothes. Gifts of clothing can include moisture wicking socks, women’s running tops that prevent chafing, or a men’s grey zippered fitness hoodie.

Foam Workout Roller

Part of a runner’s routine is recovery, treating sore and tired muscles. A foam workout roller is one of the best pieces of equipment a runner can have. Not only can this simple piece of workout equipment be used to stretch muscles out before a run, but post run you can self massage tired muscles using the roller.

No matter what you decide on as a birthday gift for the runner in your life, any new gear to support their hobby and training is sure to be appreciated. Anything that aids a runner is useful and can be personalized.


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