September 3rd, 2020

// 4 Common Reasons Men Have Trouble Developing Muscle Properly Despite Workouts

4 Common Reasons Men Have Trouble Developing Muscle Properly Despite Workouts 

It is a real let down when men find they are having difficulty properly building muscle mass. They have been putting in the hours at the gym, and have been pushing their body hard. Unfortunately, something seems to be thwarting their best efforts. The following are four common reasons why these men face so much trouble building muscle properly.

Stop Eating Junk

A person may be really putting in time at the gym, but if their diet is all wrong, this can prevent their ability to build muscle. Getting off the candy, cookies, cake and soft drink sugar load and eating real food will not just help to build more muscle, but it will help to build better quality muscle too. This means they will need more healthy fats like coconut oil and more meat-based protein to help them reach their muscle building goals.

Get Rid of Stress

Believe it or not, a body builder’s emotional state could be standing between them and developing those nice large muscles they desire to have. Their body is a soup of chemical interactions, and when it comes to building muscles too much stress can put a dampener on the chemistry that promotes muscle generation. By dumping the stress in their life, a body builder will get far more out of their workouts and build muscle more easily.

Introduce Drop Down Sets into Your Workout

If a person really wants to start getting pumped up and build muscle, then drop down sets are a valuable tool in their muscle building arsenal. For example, try to curl a heavier weight between 8 and ten times. Then reduce that weight by 10-pounds, and curl the new amount until reaching the point of fatigue. Drop the amount of weight by 10-pounds again and curl the new weight until fatiguing again. Then let the body rest for about a minute and repeat the process. A body builder should start to experience more efficient muscle building from this type of workout.

Low Testosterone and Muscle Loss

To maintain muscle, a man’s body needs to be producing sufficient amounts of testosterone. Low T will prohibit the necessary testosterone from binding to the cell receptor sites, and this will lead to the loss of muscle fibers. For some men, it may be necessary to invest in some Low T gel to prevent a deficiency in testosterone from holding back their progress when generating new muscle fibers.

It might seem like it takes a while to build healthy, quality muscle, but these kinds of results come with patients and a lot of hard work. By removing those factors which most hinder the body’s ability to generate muscle, this will make it far easier to move ahead to meet muscle building goals. Then when a body builder looks in the mirror, they will be pleasantly surprised at the progress they have been making.


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