April 10th, 2019

// 4 Essential Training Tips for Beginning Mountain Bikers

4 Essential Training Tips for Beginning Mountain Bikers

They say that once you learn to ride a bike, you never forget. While that may be true, becoming a great mountain biker is about more than just knowing how to pedal. It’s also about training yourself to be a strong, well-rounded athlete.

Play Balance Games

Being able to balance well will help you keep your bike upright, even when you’re not pedaling quickly. This may allow you to put on the brakes and then start pedaling again without taking the time to rest your feet on the ground. You’ll also get better at hopping your bike as you navigate rough ground.

You can improve your balance skills by challenging yourself to ride carefully. For example, trace the lines on the pavement as you ride around a parking lot. Guide your bicycle along a curb. Steer your bike in repeated figure-eight patterns; each should be just a bit smaller and tighter than the last. As you do these exercises, intentionally go slowly so that you’ll have to focus on balancing.

Build Core Strength

Although it seems like your legs might be the most important muscles for cycling, the truth of the matter is that your whole body contributes to your biking skills. Therefore, it’s just as important to build your core strength as it is to tone your legs.

Planks are a valuable exercise for core training. Start by holding your position for 30 seconds at a time. Squats and lunges will help tone important cycling muscles as well.

Increase Endurance

If you want to be a great cyclist, you must maintain your stamina over long distances. Therefore, you need endurance in both your muscles and your lungs.

There are two types of exercises that can help you build endurance: long, steady rides and short, intense rides. As a beginner, you should go back and forth between the two types on different days. As you become more skilled, you’ll be able to combine them.

Join Group Rides

Spending time with experienced cyclists is one of the best ways to improve your own skills. In a cycling group, you’ll have the opportunity to ride with people of all ability levels. You can observe those who have been cycling longer to pick up on the tricks they use when riding, especially in tricky situations or over rough terrain. You’ll have opportunities to ask questions and share tips with one another.Of course, the value of improving your pedaling skills can’t be underestimated. With practice, you can learn to spin your feet in smooth, steady rotations. With indoor winter training, you can work on spinning and other valuable cycling 


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