June 26th, 2018

// 4 Frustrating Medical Conditions that Hold Back Runners




4 Frustrating Medical Conditions that Hold Back Runners

Running is a type of exercise that can do a lot for your health. If you run on a regular basis, then you may enjoy amazing physical fitness. There are certain medical conditions, however, that can be disruptive to runners. Be sure to take note of them. Various medical conditions can make running safely and comfortably hard or even impossible.

Plantar Fasciitis

Boosts in arch pressure can bring on tiny tears that are located inside of the plantar fascia. This can lead to a host of unpleasant effects as well. If you feel a significant degree of pain and inflammation any time you walk, run or even stand up, then plantar fasciitis could be the root cause. You may experience rigidity and pain that originates on the lower section of your heel.


The word “neuroma” refers to nerves inside of the feet that can develop substantial swelling. This swelling is the consequence of significant irritation. Nerves that remain irritated for extended stretches of time tend to become markedly denser. This boosts the size of the nerve. It leads to heightened irritation, too. If you notice that the ball of your foot feels awful any time you even try to run, then a neuroma could be a possibility to explore.


Bunions, in a nutshell, are joint protrusions that are situated by the foundations of big toes. If you feel foot pain that just doesn’t seem to subside no matter what, you may have a nasty bunion. Bunions can contribute to feelings of soreness and swelling. They sometimes even cause noticeable redness of the skin. If you’re a runner who wants to be able to continue doing what you love, you should schedule an appointment with a foot doctor who can discuss bunionectomy treatmentwith you. This surgery can do away with problematic bunions.

Flat Feet

If you’re a runner who feels like you just can’t do your thing anymore, your flat feet could be a possibility. If you have flat feet, you may develop lots of foot pain and discomfort. This pain may be especially noticeable in your arch or heel sections. You may notice that the pain feels more extreme any time you move around in any way. Ankle swelling is yet another potential indication of flat feet.

Outstanding health is imperative for runners. If you’re a runner who has any kind of foot-related discomfort, you need to take prompt action. A capable foot doctor can help you turn your foot woes around.


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