February 2nd, 2021

// 4 Healthy Tips for Effectively Losing Weight This Year

4 Healthy Tips for Effectively Losing Weight This Year

With more than half of U.S. citizens overweight, many are looking for ways to shed those extra pounds this year. Although there are dozens of eating plans and exercise routines to choose from, there doesn't seem to be a magic bullet that works for everyone. However, doctors and weight loss experts recommend a few basic behavioral changes that can help anyone reach a healthy size. Here are some tips you can implement to lose a little extra weight this year.

Start Exercising

Just twenty minutes of sustained movement each day can help to whittle away excess weight. You don't have to take a hard job, climb endless steps, or swim a mile. You can walk at a steady clip while listening to music or talking to a friend. As you get used to regular movement, you can pick up the pace to go a little faster or a little longer, week by week. A stationary bike at home will work, or you might prefer following an online workout routine. As long as you are moving safely but effectively, you can burn calories and tighten muscles to begin looking and feeling better. Check with your doctor before starting a new exercise plan.

Adjust Your Eating Habits

Choose the eating plan that works with your lifestyle and food preferences. You can alter your meal sizes, making breakfast the biggest meal of the day, with dinner the smallest. Enjoy an occasional dessert by having an extra helping of vegetables to balance your daily nutritional intake. Eat from a smaller plate rather than a full-size one as you get used to reduced portions. Cut back on salt, sugar, fat (the bad kind), or carbs to trim calories off your daily intake. Load up on fresh fruits and veggies, as they are filling as well as nutritious.

Manage Your Emotions

Many people overeat or eat less healthy foods when they are emotionally upset. Grieving a loss, stewing over an insult, or stressing about an upcoming meeting can send someone repeatedly to the fridge or cupboard for comfort food. Keep a journal to record your strongest emotions as well as when you eat the wrong way, and then see if there is a correlation. Journaling helps to express emotions safely while thinking them through logically. You can confide in a friend or take a walk to ease your mood.

Join a Weight Loss Support Group

Many commercial weight loss programs offer a support group for mutual encouragement and exchanging ideas. You may want to join a weight loss group, at least initially, and get to know others who share similar goals to realize you are not alone.

Weight loss is a challenging but meaningful goal. Talk to your doctor before making significant lifestyle changes to protect your health and well being.


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