November 16th, 2019

// 4 Key Muscle Exercises to Make You a Better Skier

4 Key Muscle Exercises to Make You a Better Skier

If you love hitting the slopes in the winter months, you likely want to enhance your performance. The better skier you become, the more fun you have. Here are four muscle exercises that can enhance your performance on the slopes this winter season.


The squat is a very simple form of exercise that pretty much anyone can do anywhere. If you don’t regularly have a training program, then start with some air squats. Be sure that your feet are a shoulder’s width apart and that you actually sit back when squatting. Work on doing sets of 20 reps. When you reach five sets of 20 reps with a maximum of 60 seconds rest between, it’s time to add in some weights.

Wall Squat Holds

If you really want to not only fit in those telemarkdownski clothes but you want to last all afternoon on the slopes, then you should be doing the wall squat hold. Start by standing against a wall. Push your back and buttocks into the wall as you slide down into a comfortable squat position. Hold that squat position for as long as you possibly can. Do at least four reps of this exercise with minimal rest periods in between. The longer you can hold the squat position, the more endurance you will build.


Lunges are ideal for not only building your leg and core strength but for enhancing your balance. Start in a standing position. Step one foot forward and bend down with it until your knee reaches a 90-degree bend. Ensure your back stays straight and your back leg is just up from touching the floor. You’ll want to work on doing about five sets of these for 20 reps each.


When it comes to building core strength, the plank is an extremely useful exercise. It comes with many fun variations that you can enjoy. However, the traditional plank done for lengthy periods of time can be a great addition to your workout routine. Ensure that when you’re in the plank position you’re core is in a solid position and your glutes are actively contracted.

If you’re looking for ways to build up your strength and endurance for this winter, then you need to look no further than the exercises above. These are great specifically for skiers who are looking to enhance their performance. Remember that by sticking with the same exercise, you can enhance their difficulty level by increasing sets, reps, and weights.


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