October 25th, 2018

// 4 Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System with Essential Oils and Apple Cider Vinegar

During the busy autumn and holiday season it can be a great idea to preemptively boost your immune system. Luckily, essential oils and apple cider vinegar are incredibly useful for this purpose.

Amy Leigh Mercree, a wellness coach and medical intuitive who has gained success as an international best-selling author, is sharing “4 Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System with Essential Oils and Apple Cider Vinegar.” The recipes are featured in her new books, Essential Oils Handbook: Recipes for NaturalLiving and Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook: Recipes for Natural Living.

4 Natural Ways to Boost your Immune System with Essential Oils and Apple Cider Vinegar

1. Antibacterial rub with lavender essential oil: You know it’s relaxing, but did you know it is also antibacterial? Rubbing some lavender oil on your hands and smelling it and inhaling it through your nose and mouth can actually help slow the spread of colds and flu.

2. Oil pulling immunity blend mouthwash. So much of our health begins in our mouth! Oil pulling is believed to help remove bacteria, fungi and even viruses from the gum line. It’s also believed to pull heavy metals from the body in a safe way. Use an oil blend of cinnamon bark oil, clove oil, lemon oil, cinnamon leaf oil, rosemary oil, and eucalyptus oil. This same blend of oils is also incredibly useful in multiple scenarios required to boost your immunity. That blend is antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal. Diluting in in coconut oil and using it as a mouthwash daily is a fabulous way to keep your immune system happy and healthy. You can also place ten drops of the blend in a spray bottle (minus the coconut oil) and bring it on a plane and spritz it in your mouth periodically to help curb the spread of germs. (*The recipe for this is featured in The Essential Oils Handbook. Please let us know if you would like the recipe for publication.)

3. Drink apple cider vinegar. Drinking ½ to one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in a minimum of eight ounces of water each morning also helps optimize your acid and alkaline balance which is an essential component of a healthy immune system. If you'd like, add one drop of organic, therapeutic grade lemon, sweet orange, or lime oil to your mixture.

4. Put oil of oregano on your feet! If you find yourself coming down with a cold and you really want to knock it out quickly, you can place high potency oil of oregano on the bottoms of your feet and put socks over them and sleep that way to let this incredibly powerful antibacterial and antiviral oil work with you intradermally and be absorbed to remove your cold symptoms.

Amy Leigh Mercree is an author, media personality, wellness coach and relationship expert who has been practicing for fifteen years. Her motto is, "Live joy. Be kind. Love unconditionally." She counsels women and men in the underrated art of self-love and self-acceptance to create happier, healthier lives. Mercree teaches internationally sharing Medicine Woman Bootcamp, New Moon Goddess Bootcamp, Heart Shamanism, and Goddess Shamanism classes. Her services include online sessions. Mercree is the author of The Spiritual Girl's Guide to Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love, Sex, and Soul Mates, A Little Bit of Chakras: An Introduction to Energy Healing, Joyful Living: 101 Ways to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life, The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook: Juices, Sorbets, Smoothies, Salads, and Crystal Infusions to Empower Your Energy Centers, The Compassion Revolution: 30 Days of Living from the Heart, A Little Bit of Meditation, A Little Bit of Mindfulness, Essential Oils Handbook, and Apple Cider Vinegar Handbook. Mercree has been featured in Glamour, Women's Health, Inc., Shape, The Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, CBS, NBC, Hello Giggles, Reader's Digest and many more. Mercree holds a degree in early childhood education and worked as a Montessori Kindergarten teacher for seven years. She is also founder of Allegria Marketing, a boutique agency specializing in targeted marketing for wellness, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Mercree resides in Florida and enjoys reading, writing, art, dancing, snorkeling, free diving, and body boarding.

Connect with Amy Leigh Mercree on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat @amyleighmercree and visit www.amyleighmercree.com.


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