January 10th, 2020

// 4 Post-Workout Meal Ideas for Recovery and Energy

4 Post-Workout Meal Ideas for Recovery and Energy

After finishing a workout, our body naturally craves energy. While protein bars and post-workout supplements are great workout recovery ideas, there's nothing like a good post-workout meal to fill that energy void. Here are four excellent post-workout meal ideas for recovery and energy. We're going to keep each meal simple. You can add things like sides and salads to meet your unique taste preferences.

Eating foods with the right combination of nutrients after your workout is critical. Our meal list targets proteins for muscle repair and carbohydrates to revitalize your energy. This post-workout meal will help improve muscle protein synthesis and revitalize your glycogen reserves. Burnt up glycogen during a workout is what makes you feel drained.

A lack of sufficient protein can contribute to your feeling stiff. Fat is not a bad thing if eaten in moderation. The meals we've chosen will boost your protein supplies for smoother recovery, plus help to restore your body's glycogen balance and therefore your energy.

Salmon and Sweet Potato

Fish is a staple of good nutrition for any healthy diet. It's also a great post-workout meal. This combination of salmon and sweet potato will get your body the protein it needs for recovery, plus tasty source of energy.

Turkey Burger and Cauliflower

Turkey is another meat high in muscle building protein. You also avoid some of the fat content inherent in red meat and pork. Building this meal around ground turkey will give your protein levels an excellent post-workout boost.

You add a nice touch to any burger meal, especially a turkey burger, by eating it on adelicious Kaiser roll. The best way to incorporate the cauliflower in this meal is to steam it lightly. Raw cauliflower is also an option, and one that's even healthier.

Lentil Burger with Salad

Our third meal will satisfy your needs if you adhere to a vegan diet. The lentil burger will boost your protein reserves and the salad will supply a host of nutrients to revitalize your energy. A nice supplement to this meal is a portion of chopped nuts and berries as a healthy dessert.

Chicken Sandwich Wrap with Fruit

The last meal on our post-workout meal ideas for recovery and energy is a simple sandwich wrap. Chicken is another meat source of protein that doesn't add empty fat calories. You can include lettuce and tomato to spice up your wrap.

Whole wheat wraps are also full of good carbohydrates to boost your energy. A serving of fruit, berries, peaches, or an orange will help reinvigorate your energy levels after your workout.

These are four excellentpost-workout meal ideasto enhance recovery time and revitalize your energy. You can add a healthy side dish of your choice for a little variety. There are hundreds ofhealthy post-workout mealsyou can eat. The focus should be on rebuilding your protein reserves and using a healthy source of carbohydrates to revitalize your energy.


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