November 1st, 2019

// 4 Stellar Ways to Motivate Your Walkathon Group

4 Stellar Ways to Motivate Your Walkathon Group

Having friends, coworkers, or family members participate in a walk to raise money for a cause is an awesome experience. It truly allows you to see the difference that teamwork can make in your local community. If you want to motivate a group for an upcoming walkathon, here are some stellar ways to do so.

Inform Them About the Cause

We all like to know the reason behind why we’re doing something. It helps us to stir up passion inside to perform at our best. Take some time to learn about what the fundraiser is for and try to present it in a way that provokes emotion in your group members. For example, if the walkathon is for children with cancer, then schedule a time for your group members to go visit the kids that they’ll be helping.

Get Custom Apparel

One great way to help your group feel more like a team is to have custom team logo apparelmade. It will make each member feel special and as if they’re a part of something bigger than themselves. It doesn’t matter if you have custom t-shirts, hats, or hoodies. Just have some sort of team apparel that will make your group unique.

Make It A Competition

You should sit down with your group members and decide on a fundraising goal. Competition is a great way to bring your group members into the walkathon ready to make a difference. Set a specified amount of money that your group wants to receive for the charity during the walkathon. Once you get a goal set, you may be surprised at just how many of your group members will come up with friends or acquaintances that will donate more money to the cause.

Offer Incentives

You can opt for offering incentives to the various group members as an extra push to get them motivated for your upcoming walkathon. Incentives can be given for those who come up with the monetary supports or something alike. You can make these a cash prize, a customized logo shirt, or something that will make your group members want to work hard to receive it.

When it comes to prepping your group for a walkathon, motivation is one area you cannot leave out. The more motivated you can get your team, the more fundraising they’re going to do. The above are just four of many ways you can choose to employ to motivate your walkathon group today.


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