August 20th, 2019

// 4 Types of Clothing that Will Boost Your Workouts

4 Types of Clothing that Will Boost Your Workouts

Exercise can take many forms. It can range from competing in a triathlon down to a few minutes of stretching your legs after couple of hours stuck at your desk. There is as much variety in workout clothing as there is in the types of workouts, but almost any type of physical activity will be more productive and more comfortable with these four types of clothing.

Workout Gloves

We say “No pain, no gain!”, but sometimes the pain can interfere with the gain. If your exercise is causing blisters or scrapes on your hands, you will get a lot more gain by purchasing some quality workout gloves. They’re designed for working out, not being out working, so they’re optimized for exercise. Good workout gloves will flex with you, protect you from injuries, and breathe to keep your skin cool.

Compression Gear

Another area of discomfort during workouts is from your clothes. Bulky garments may be necessary to keep you warm, but they interfere with good form and will increase fatigue. Baggy cotton garments will also get tangled and uncomfortable. Ordinary socks will ride up, ride down, or wear through. Exercise apparel like compression socks for men and womenwill ensure that your clothing stays comfortably in place and doesn’t interfere with free movement.

Modern Rainwear

Bad weather is a good excuse for skipping a daily walk or run. Back when nylon was the only choice for rainwear, it was actually a legitimate excuse, because the material trapped body heat and humidity, quickly making you hot and miserable. Investing in gear made with modern materials can resolve this problem. They turn rain away but allow body heat and moisture to radiate out, keeping you comfortable despite the precipitation.

Wicking Fabrics

The days of sweaty shirts plastered to athletes’ bodies are over. Modern moisture-wicking fabrics help that perspiration move away from the garment and the wearer, resulting in better evaporative cooling that helps maintain a safe, comfortable body temperature. No matter what activity you use for working up a sweat, these materials will work the sweat away from you.

The motivation to work out is vital to a successful exercise program. So is the development of a specific routine. With the right clothes to keep you at the optimum temperature without rubbing you the wrong way or getting you wet, your exercise routine will be easier to maintain and will lead to better results.


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