July 30th, 2019

// 4 Types of Gentle Exercises for Getting Back in Shape after an Injury

4 Types of Gentle Exercises for Getting Back in Shape after an Injury

Getting back into shape after an injury is going to be hard, but it is doable. You just have to approach it with the right attitude and motivation. I have a few tips on how you can get back to where you used to be without it doing more harm to your recently injured body.


This is going to be hard for some people, but you should skip the high impact running until you are completely rehabilitated. Do you plan on being sidelined for more than two weeks? You are going to notice a reduction in muscle mass and endurance. You need to get back slowly. Focus on a combination of running and walking in small intervals.

Do you normally run for an hour or so? You can still do the hour or so, but you should use that time productively. Rest when you can. Build up your endurance slowly. Brisk walking might be a good solution for some of you. It offers the same results, but it is less intense. Save the intense running for when your body is rehabilitated and the doctor says it is okay.

Carry a Lighter Load

It’s a good idea tostay away from weights until the doctor gives you the green light. Now that might not be feasible for some of you, but try to if you can.

Say, for example, Max has been out for a month due to a back injury. Max is a jock and therefore cannot avoid the weights during rehabilitation. He could try to reduce the intensity by 70%.

His workout should include cardiovascular endurance, resistance training, and flexibility. That way Max can reach your goals in a timely fashion. Max needs to stretch his muscles before the workout. He also needs to do a cool down.


Stretching is one of the best things you can do the body. Dancers warm up their bodies before getting into a routine. Stretching should be done before your workout anyway. More importantly, it is especially vital after an injury. It builds the body up, preparing it for what lies next.


A restorative yoga class could be just what you need while recovering from an injury. It will be gentle enough to prevent further injury by pushing yourself too hard. There are several benefits of yoga for injuries and pain. Once you are recovered, try power yoga to help begin building up your strength again.

When you’re recovering from an injury, it’s important to take it slow. Take to your rehab doctorto make sure you aren’t overdoing it. 


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