December 27th, 2019

// 4 Unexpected Ways to Help Keep Up Your Exercise Routine

4 Unexpected Ways to Help Keep Up Your Exercise Routine

Everyone resolves to start exercising at some point, but actually following through is a different question entirely. Try these tips to help keep your promise and get the body you deserve.

Let Go of Early Mornings

If you adore your 4:00 am run, then this bit of advice isn’t for you. But if you constantly oversleep your workout session and groan at the thought of getting up while the sun is still in bed, you should think about scheduling your workout for a different time of day.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep is extremely important for your overall health. A full night’s sleep improves brain function, gives you more energy throughout the day, and even lets your muscles repair from yesterday’s workout.

So instead of setting your alarm clock back an hour, consider planning to exercise at lunchtime or in the evening. Pick a time when your energy levels are at their highest to get the most out of your workout session.

Choose Exercises That You Love

Unless you’re trying to achieve a specific body shape, the main goal of exercise is to get your body moving. As you’re planning your workout routine, fill it with activities that you know you’ll have fun doing again and again.

Standbys like yoga, weight lifting, and aerobics are all popular for a reason. You can also try something interesting like hula hooping or dance. If you have the time, consider signing up for tennis, pickle ball, or another indoor sport. Once you’ve picked an activity, fill your routine with stretches exercises that will make you better at your new favorite hobby.

Buy the Equipment You Need

Don’t expect yourself to go jogging in old sweats and a pair of running shoes that don’t fit. If you really want to get involved with a hobby, you should buy yourself the proper equipment to go with it. Get a nice gym bag, find a water bottle you like, and wear workout clothes that make you feel comfortable.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a few nice pieces of workout gear. Don’t buy more items than you need; you can always plan to wash your clothes between sessions. But if you own the right gear for your favorite sport, you’ll be infinitely more likely to follow through on your routine.

Reward Yourself for Success

Exercise might be its own reward, but that’s not always enough motivation to hit the gym. Plan a way to treat yourself after you’ve successfully followed your routine for a few weeks.

One unique way to reward your body for all the hard work is to make an appointment at a medical spa. From laser therapy to cosmetic treatments, the services at a medical spawill improve the way you look and boost the effects of your exercise routine. And since most services require monthly appointments, you’ll have a great excuse to keep exercising until your next visit rolls around.

As you’re planning a new exercise routine, it’s important to set reasonable expectations for yourself. Don’t expect to work out every day of the week when you’re just starting out. Plan three to four weekly sessions with fun activities that you’re excited to do. If you go slow, you’ll soon be able to make exercise a normal part of your daily life.


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