July 21st, 2020

// 4 Unusual and Unique Sports You Could Try

4 Unusual and Unique Sports You Could Try

Do you need a hobby that sets you apart from the rest? These sports may be unusual, but they have rich traditions and will set you down a new social and athletic path.

Underwater Hockey

What better way to spend the summer than in the water? Underwater hockey is exactly what it sounds like: a game that involves swimming and moving a hockey puck along the bottom of a pool. The “hockey sticks” are small, and players are permitted to wear snorkels and flippers.

Underwater hockey is also known as “Octopush.” Teams are more common than you think; if you’re a good swimmer, this might be just the sport for you.


Pickleball is a game that combines the best qualities of tennis and badminton. Because the balls are hollow and plastic, the resulting sport has a lower intensity and is better for casual play. Like tennis, you can play pickleball in either singles or doubles.

If you’re interested in pickleball, start by getting a pair of rackets and a pack of pickleballs to practice with. When you’re ready to play with someone else, look for active pickleball groups at your local rec center.

Horse Dressage

Horses aren’t just a hobby, they’re a lifestyle. If riding always interested you but races never seemed like your thing, consider giving horse dressage a try. This sport involves rider and horse working together to complete a predefined routine. Professional horse dressage may also involve “freestyling” at the end of the competition.

A large part of horse dressage is choosing the right horse. German dressage horses are a reliable place to start. Look for a horse who has the skills and gets along well with you as their rider. At the end of the day, this sport is truly about working in sync with your new best friend.

Wall Ball

Wall ball is a schoolyard sport that has picked up professional popularity in recent years. Playing only requires a solid wall and a paved surface. Once you get good, you might be able to join a team or a league in your area.

One of the best parts of wall ball is that the rules are simple. Bounce the ball once on the ground before it hits the wall, and let it bounce again before you grab it. Basketballs are a good choice when you’re starting out, but you can also get balls made especially for this sport.

Before you get involved in any unique sport, check to see if other people are playing it in your area. Hobbies are always more fun when an entire community is involved.


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