March 14th, 2019

// 4 Ways to be More Comfortable While Biking

4 Ways to be More Comfortable While Biking

Cycling can be one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise, but it isn’t always the most comfortable activity. Unnecessary discomfort when riding can be off-putting to beginning biker and make it harder to maintain a regular biking schedule. Fortunately, there are many ways to make riding a bike easier on your body while still allowing you to get in enough exercise. These four solutions can ensure a more comfortable bike ride. 

Enhanced Bike Seat 

Standard bike seats can sometimes lead to soreness when sitting on them for prolonged periods of time. There are now seats on the market that have been designed to provide greater comfort. A seat made with a gel cushion will be a great addition to your bicycle. Some seats have backrests that can ease much of the strain from the back. Extra-wide seats are also available if you want some additional width and support. Comfortable seats are especially important for those who are going to be biking on rough terrain. Bumps and jolts can knock a beginning biker against their seat, causing pain and bruising that can really impact the experience for the worse. If you’re going to spend a lot of time on a bike, be sure to invest in a comfortable seat.

Shock Absorption 

The shock that you feel as your bike travels over roadways and pathways can take a toll on more than just your tailbone. Rough terrain can jolt your body and cause you to experience soreness and fatigue quicker. The strain on your wrists can cause swelling and, eventually, nerve damage. On top of that, a sudden jolt can often cause bikers to bite their tongue or lip unexpectedly and painfully. With bike shock absorbers, those jolts will be absorbed by the absorption springs rather than by your arms, legs, and spine. Many of the best bike absorbers for sale are compact in size and fit easily onto most types of bicycles. If you’re going to be often biking on rough terrain, ensure that your bike is properly outfitted with shock absorbers to protect your comfort and health.

Proper Cycling Attire 

Wearing the proper clothing as you cycle can give you greater comfort throughout your entire ride. Many custom cycling kits are made from breathable fabrics that feel good on the skin and contain sweat-wicking properties. This can act as a barrier between your skin and the sun while also keeping you cool The best cycling shoes are lightweight and provide adequate support without being too confining. These will ensure that your cycling motions don’t put too much strain on your ankles and arches. Gloves with padded palms make gripping the steering wheel easier on the hands and protect them from the wind. Wearing a waterproof thermal jacket on a cold day can help you stay warmer. These also act as a barrier against the wind, preventing dry skin and chills.

Attachable Mirrors and Blinkers 

Looking behind you is important when turning on your bike. However, the hunched position you’re in on your bike is not ideal for craning your neck around and can actually strain your neck and back. Not every biker is experienced enough to feel comfortable taking their hands off of the handlebars to signal their turns, either. If you’re tired of craning your neck to see what’s behind you or using your arms to signal turns, mirrors and blinkers that attach to your bicycle can be an excellent investment. These accessories can make your riding experience safer and more comfortable. It’s easy to attach bicycle mirrors to your handles for better visibility. Bicycle blinkers work like car blinkers and make signaling a turn more apparent to motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists. These additions allow you to keep a firm grip on the wheel, keep your head facing forward, and your focus and balance intact.

You’ll want to make the most out of each cycling experience so that you’ll feel more encouraged to keep riding consistently. While many are turned away by the discomforts of bike riding as an exercise method, these discomforts can be mitigated. By enhancing the comfort of each cycling adventure, you’ll be have a better time enjoying your ride and even further protect your health.


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