February 4th, 2021

// 4 Ways to Stay Active When It’s Cold Outside

4 Ways to Stay Active When It's Cold Outside

It’s hard to stick to your fitness regimen during the winter months. Between short days, freezing weather, and ongoing gym closures, you have plenty of excuses to give up. If you’re not ready to quit, but you aren’t sure exactly how to keep fit during cold weather, try one of these winter workout ideas.

Bundle Up

If the weather outside is frightful, put on a down jacket and comfy scarf and head outside. You might not be able to run or ride a bicycle if the sidewalks are slippery, but a long walk can offer low-impact exercise and a reason to get out of the house. Plus, if you’re walking, you can hold onto a cup of hot cocoa without sloshing any on yourself. Try to walk during the middle of the day, when the temperature is usually highest, and look for hilly routes to keep your muscles warm and active.

Try Indoor Cardio

2020 was the year of the home gym as COVID-19 forced even the most passionate exercise enthusiasts to stay inside. Manufacturers are still recovering from record-low levels of stock. While you may not be able to find that squat rack or weight set you’ve been eyeing since March, you still have plenty of options for indoor cardio, including treadmills and exercise bikes. If you’re missing the communal aspect of exercise, give at-home spin classes a try. Performance-focused studios like Plan 7 Coaching offer high-tech class options that carefully monitor your heart rate, caloric output and V02 rates so you’ll get exactly the workout you’re looking for.

Clean Up the House

According to the American Heart Association, cold weather is no excuse for slacking on your exercise schedule. Instead, stay active around the house with aerobic exercise like vigorous cleaning, raking leaves, or shoveling snow. As long as you’re moving fast enough to keep your heart rate elevated, you can turn your chore list into an exercise session.

Throw Yourself a Dance Party

You have to get creative to stay active during the winter. Why not have a little fun and throw yourself an at-home dance party? Crank up Spotify, grab a weighted hula hoop, or just get funky on your own. Give yourself permission to let go after a long day, find a private place to work out and dance like no one can see you.

With some ingenuity and planning, you can stay active even when it's cold outside.


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