May 18th, 2021

// 4 Ways You Can Help Yourself Through a Repetitive Strain Injury

4 Ways You Can Help Yourself Through a Repetitive Strain Injury

When you have suffered a repetitive strain injury involving your hands, wrists, shoulder, neck, or other parts of your body, you suddenly realize just how hard it can be to accomplish even the simplest of tasks without being in pain. However, the good news is that repetitive strain injuries do eventually go away, provided you know what to do regarding proper treatment. If you want to help yourself get through a repetitive strain injury, here are four things you can do to get your body healed up and back on track.


When you are in pain from a repetitive strain injury, acupuncture has been shown to be a very effective treatment. An ancient Chinese medical technique that has existed for thousands of years, more and more people now use this to get surprisingly effective results. By working with a skilled acupuncturist who can place needles into various pressure points of your body, your injury may heal much faster than you expected.


With its goal of restoring normal movement to injured body tissue, physiotherapy can be customized for your particular needs. Combining elements of electrotherapy, joint mobilization, and ergonomics, a physiotherapist from River Oaks Wellness and similar centers can work with you to develop a program emphasizing injury-specific exercises, ergonomics, and more to decrease the chances of the injury reoccurring later on.

Stretching Exercises

If you tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle and perhaps have a job where you sit at a desk working at a computer for hours at a time, the result can be muscles, tendons, and ligaments that over time become shortened and far less flexible, making it easier to sustain a repetitive strain injury. To help with this, stretching exercises are often used on patients with these injuries. Simple and easy to do, they may include stretching your fingers on both hands for 15-20 seconds for up to three times per day.


If you have an injury to your neck or shoulders, having regular massage therapy can be of tremendous benefit in your effort to heal. From deep-tissue massages to milder forms of massage therapy, visiting a certified massage therapist once a week or more if needed can help your muscles heal and relieve stress.

While it can be frustrating waiting for a repetitive strain injury to heal, using some of these treatment methods can help speed up the healing process. From acupuncture to physiotherapy and more, sticking to a treatment program will soon have you feeling as good as new.


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