May 15th, 2018

// 4 Workout Regimens that Teach Your Body and Mind Discipline

4 Workout Regimens that Teach Your Body and Mind Discipline

Though most people think of exercise only in physical terms, working out can also be an excellent way to improve your mind. The right workout regimen can improve your mental focus while at the same time conditioning your body. Here are four of the top workouts you should try if you want to improve your mental and physical health at the same time.


Weightlifting may not seem like a very cerebral activity, but maintaining maximum intensity through a heavy lifting workout requires consistent focus. Lackadaisically going through a weightlifting routine won’t get you the best workout. Instead, you’ll need to focus on every repetition and put in the maximum possible effort. Via this act of carefully concentrating on your workout, your mind will also gradually improve.


Because of the focus and connection it requires between mind and body, yoga is an excellent exercise for the brain. Unlike many exercises, yoga is specifically intended to be good for the mind, as well as the body. Through a regular practice of yogic positions, you can condition your body, reduce your stress levels and improve your focus. If you want to take up yoga, consider looking for yoga classesin your local area, as you’ll need an experienced instructor.


Though it doesn’t require any special levels of concentration, hiking is a good way to improve your mind. Being outdoors has been shown to have positive effects on both short-term memort and cognitive abilities, and is also an excellent way to relieve stress. Hiking is a great way to get out into nature for a few hours and get an excellent full-body workout in the process.

Martial Arts

Owing to the requirement of intense concentration at all times, practicing martial arts is one of the best ways to discipline your mind and teach yourself to be more focused. A regular practice of martial arts can tone and condition your entire body, since it involves using every muscle group. Studying the martial arts is also eminently practical, since it will teach you to defend yourself if you are ever threatened physically.

By following any of these exercise routines, you can improve your overall physical fitness while reaping considerable mental benefits. For variety, you can even choose to engage in multiple types of exercise throughout the week. By combining different forms of exercise, you can keep your routine fresh and interesting while also keeping yourself from reaching a fitness plateau.


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