November 7th, 2018

// 5 Chemical-free Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free

5 Chemical-free Ways To Keep Your Home Pest Free

If you are worried about using man-made chemicals in your home to eliminate or deter pests, then you should know that there are ways to keep your home pest-free without dangerous chemicals.

Plant Certain Types of Plants Outside Your Home
You can plant flowers, herbs and shrubs that will repel pests outside your home. Place these plants in flowerpots on the porch, or you can plant the seedlings directly into the soil. Some of the plants that you can use include petunias, basil, garlic, mint and marigolds.

Use Ultrasonic Devices Inside Your Home
There are affordable ultrasonic devices that you can use in your home to deter pests. You can’t hear the sounds from one of these devices, but the insects, rodents or spiders are annoyed by the noise. Many of these devices are designed for plugging into an electrical outlet, so you don’t need any specialized wiring for the equipment. An alternative to traps that kill pests or fill your home with unwanted chemicals is a catch and release trap with good old fashioned peanut butter.

Application of Essential Oils for Pests
You can find high-quality essential oils at local or online stores, and some of these products will deter pests. You can mix essential oils with water in a spray bottle to apply to windowsills or baseboards, but you can also add essential oils to homemade cleaning solutions. Some of the best essential oil fragrances to use include eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint.

Have Family Pets to Deter Pests
Pests such as mice, rats or wildlife animals will often avoid entering a home where there are family pets such as cats and dogs. You can train your family pets to detect invasions of rodents, and some cats or dogs will also alert you when insects or spiders are in a room.

Repair Your Home’s Garage Door
If your home’s garage door isn’t closing completely or if it has gaps around the edges, then pests such as mice, insects and spiders can invade a building. Many people need to replace their entire garage door. You may be able to have it repaired by a technician who specializes in garage door repair, like those at R & S Garage Door Inc. When you fix or replace your garage door you will keep pests from entering and spreading disease. Keeping pests out of your garage can prevent infestations into the other areas of your home.

Inspect Your Home Frequently
In addition to all of these natural pest deterrent methods, you should keep your home clean and free of clutter. While you are vacuuming, mopping or dusting your home, make sure to inspect for any evidence of pests such as cobwebs, droppings or tufts of fur.



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