February 2nd, 2021

// 5 Eco-friendly swaps that are better for you and the planet

5 Eco-friendly swaps that are better for you and the planet

This year, make the switch to a plastic-free lifestyle while supporting these sustainable brands.SAN DIEGO, CALIF- FEBRUARY 01, 2021 -- Goodbye 2020 hello 2021! After an arduous year, it’s nice to see brands that are creating a positive impact on the planet. With plastic being recycled only 9% of the time, these companies are making a commitment to change. Switching to a plastic-free lifestyle has never been easier. We’ve compiled a list of 5 stand-out brands for our eco-friendly New year Resolutions.
1. NonikoClean up your bathroom while cleaning up the planet! Noniko, the first-ever plastic-free, all natural refillable deodorant is creating a new industry standard for personal care products. This sleek stainless steel deodorant case is yours for life and the stainless steel refills are meant to be sent back to the company to be sanitized and refilled. Hello circular economy! To add on to that, Noniko offers a seamless conscious subscription that delivers your new refill to your door, and a prepaid shipping label to send your old refill back. This company is making deodorant fun and eco-friendly. The perfect countertop eye candy.

2. Dropps
Dropps offers non-toxic, plastic-free laundry and kitchen cleaning products that harness the power of nature to make your household squeaky clean. These non-toxic products are helping to turn the tide against pollution, plastic waste, and animal cruelty. To make things better? When you subscribe you get 30% off your order! 3. Boyish
This eco-friendly clothing brand will for sure make your wardrobe more sustainable this year. Boyish is a sustainable denim line focused on quality, fit and authentic washes. Their collections are centered on vintage silhouettes with a modern twist. Boyish commitment to the planet is seen throughout their whole product development cycle from the factories they work with to the dyes they use and the amount of water produced to make denim. All jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through a completely environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process. Sustainable and affordable? Sign us up!

4. Bite
Bite is determined to eliminate plastic waste one toothpaste tablet at a time. This brand reinvented toothpaste for the better. Not only are they plastic-free, but there are no cheap fillers, harsh chemicals, and artificial dyes in their ingredients- only the good stuff. Committed to sustainability from start to finish, this brand covers everything. Bite offers a subscription program in which you receive your refills straight to your doorstep in 100% compostable mailers. Say goodbye to your old toothpaste tube, and say hello to the future!5. Blueland
Blueland is changing the way we clean. Buy your bottle once and refill forever. From cleaning tablets, to powder detergent, there is 20 oz of powerful cleaning spray all in the size of a nickel. Blueland emphasizes the reuse model. After all, plastic is meant to last forever and is unfontunately only used once. This brand wants to change that by offering refill tablets and laundry detergent powder to pop into the bottles that you have already purchased from Blueland.


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