May 19th, 2015

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5 expert running tips from Polar

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Now’s the time to hit the streets and running trails! Whether you’re a novice or in it for the long run, there are two ways to become a faster runner: by moving your legs at a higher cadence or taking longer steps.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. The distance between your right and left foot touching the ground is called stride length. As speed increases, so does the stride length. Improve stride length by undertaking specific strength work like running hills, in soft sand, or up steps.
  2. Don’t over-stride! The most efficient stride length is the one that feels most comfortable.
  3. Cadence tells you the number of times your foot hits the ground per minute. To develop it, train your nerve-muscle connection by running regularly. A session of cadence training a week is a good start.
  4. Taller runners will naturally have slightly lower cadences, and the values vary also depending on whether you’re running up- or downhill. Tune in to what feels comfortable for you!
  5. If you’re training for a half marathon or a marathon, work on increasing leg speed at expected race pace to keep your legs from tiring mid-race. Set your M400 to show pace and cadence, and try to shorten your stride and increase cadence while holding the pace.

The Polar Bluetooth® Smart Stride sensor is ideal for keeping track of your stride length and cadence. Whether you’re running on a treadmill or the muddiest trail, you’ll see the information on your M400.

Get the Polar Bluetooth® Smart Stride sensor from the official Polar webstore or a retailer near you.

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