November 1st, 2017

//  5 Healthy Foods for the Women of All Ages – Guest Post

 5 Healthy Foods for the Women of All Ages


Every woman needs to take the required nutrients for good health. Although eating the right diets are good for both sexes, but women have their own specific dietary requirements. According to research, when women eat the right things, they will live better and happier.


Here are 5 healthy foods for women of all ages. They have been tested and trusted to be effective in boosting feminine immune systems.



Studies have proven that the advantage of cranberries can never be overemphasized. Among other things, it reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, heart disease and breast cancer.  Healthcare professionals recommend every woman should take at least one glass of juice daily. It nourishes their skin and boosts their immune systems.



High cholesterols can give rise to building up of plaque in your artery walls. However, if it is left untreated, it can lead to other ailments such as stroke and heart attack. Stroke and heart attack are among the killer diseases in most American women.


The good news is that it is difficult to combat; you can handle the situation effectively by eating healthy diets that includes oatmeal, fiber-rich whole grains etc. Oats can perfectly protect you against various forms of heart diseases.


Oats are filled with amazing nutritional benefits, and they are truly great for female health. They can aid digestion, stabilize blood pressure, wards off potentially dangerous dips in glucose and derailing hunger and keep your heart healthy.


Oats contains vitamin B6, which aids in the prevention of mood swings, birth defects in children and PMS. Overall, women are recommended to eat oats both during and after pregnancy.




One of the major health challenges that women face around the world is calcium deficiency. Regular intake of milk is highly recommended in women of all ages. If possible, try and combine the milk with vitamin D, it will help in keeping osteoporosis at bay. Milk prevents women from all symptoms of the killer PMS.


Further studies shows that milk helps in building up a woman’s nerves, muscles, teeth and bones. If you don’t take enough milk, it can lead to osteoporosis, thereby causing brittle and weak bones. Milk is the main source of calcium.


Drinking milk both during and after childbirth helps the woman to remain healthy and energetic. According to research, almond milk is more effective in women than whole drink especially during pregnancy.


Dark chocolate


Dozens of research shows that chocoholics or people who consume more of dark chocolates stay in better shape than those who don’t take it. Another study in the Circulation Heart Failure journal discovered that women that take about one or two servings of quality chocolates per week had 32% risk of developing heart failure than those who bluntly refused to take cocoa.


Further studies shows that cocoa contains anti-inflammatory compounds, flavanols and polyphenols, which helps in protecting the heart. When you are buying dark chocolate, ensure you take the one that contains about 74% or more cocoa solids, due to their flavanol-rich compounds.



Studies shows that mushrooms are best dietary sources. Women are recommended to take about half cup of it on a daily basis. Mushrooms are rich with potassium; they can offset all negative effects of excess sodium, as well as lowers your blood pressure levels. Another study at the University of Florida says that people who eat at least 4 ounces of cooked mushrooms daily for about 4 weeks, develops increased immunity and boost greatest concentration than those that don’t.

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Ryan Varela is the CEO of Boost Health Insurance which provides customized and affordable health care plans for thousands of customers across the United States. Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in the health care industry and continues to serve the greater need to educate and deliver access to affordable options to those who need health care the most.





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