September 18th, 2019

// 5 Principles of Martial Arts to Incorporate in Your Exercise Routine

5 Principles of Martial Arts to Incorporate in Your Exercise Routine

(credit: Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash).

By now, virtually everyone knows the importance of living an active lifestyle. Working out helps boost your fitness levels and decreases the risk of certain diseases. Incorporating the principles of martial arts into your exercise routine can have a very positive impact. Here are five principles to remember.

Display Discipline

Maintaining a disciplined mindset is one of the biggest principles of Shaolin martial arts. As you may have experienced, motivation often comes and goes. There will be times when you simply don’t want to work out. However, disciplined people fight the temptation to take days off. They recognize the value of sticking to their regimen.

Don’t Give Up

The process of becoming fit isn’t always easy. When results don’t happen fast enough, it’s not uncommon for a person to give up. The principles of martial arts teach you to keep pushing past obstacles. Warriors never allow setbacks to stand in their way. Always keep your goals in sight. If you need a little extra inspiration, wear a Jiu-jitsu t-shirt.

Take Care of Your Body

Martial artists must stay prepared for battle. Nurturing their body is especially critical. Try to implement this same principle in your life. By taking care of your basic health, you will have greater stamina. The extra energy will help you to exercise more efficiently. Strive to eat nutritious meals on an everyday basis. If you are dealing with an injury, give your body enough time to heal. Getting a good night’s sleep is just as essential.

Put Forth Great Effort

To be a great martial artist, one must put forth a valiant effort. During your exercise routine, remember the importance of putting your best foot forward. Working hard is bound to pay off in the long run. Even if you’re in a bad mood, never make the mistake of developing a lazy attitude.

Mind Over Matter

Martial arts involves more than just kicking and punching. In fact, a person’s mind is actually their most powerful weapon. While exercising, try to maintain a clear and focused mind. Don’t allow any personal issues to ruin your workout. Concentrate solely on your fitness regime. Small things, like keeping a good posture and breathing effectively, can make a big difference.

The principles of martial arts can take your exercise routine to the next level. Develop the psyche of a true champion. A few changes will help you to achieve great success.


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