December 11th, 2019

// 5 Training Tips to Protect Against Strained Muscles

5 Training Tips to Protect Against Strained Muscles

When it comes to injuries, muscle strain is among some of the most unpredictable, yet most common. Whether you’re exercising, working, or simply going about your daily routine, one wrong move could result in sudden pain.

Muscle strain is mostly prevalent in those who exercise and train a lot. Despite the randomness of muscles strain causes, there are plenty of things you can do to help prevent muscle strain.

Warm Up First

One of the most common causes of muscle strain is working out without warming up first. Warm ups don’t have to be anything tricky. In fact, they should be something simple. They can be anything, like a walk around the block or mild stretching. 

Some people actually think that the more rigorous the exercise, the less likely they’ll develop muscle strain. This is not true as your muscles will become inflamed after an intense workout. Inflammation opens the door for many potential problems with not only your muscles, but your joints and ligaments as well.

Build Muscle Tone

Another common reason for muscle strain is muscles that aren’t quite strong enough for the task at hand. Similar to inflammation, weak muscles are also at risk of developing muscle strain such. One wrong move and it will be very painful to lift your arm for a few days.

A surefire way to prevent muscle strain is to build muscle. Keep in mind that muscle growth doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, commitment, and effort to have effect. Remember to take things slow as you do so.

Improve Endurance

Everyone has a limit of how much they can endure, but with enough time and dedication, your endurance will gradually improve. Overexerting yourself is something you should always avoid as it can cause other problems aside from muscle strain. As with building muscle, it’s crucial you take things slow and pace yourself.

Consider Your Exercise Method

Not everyone can perform all types of exercise, so be sure to exercise within your limits. Going beyond you’re able to do can be risky, so never push yourself. If you have trouble deciding what type of exercise is right for you, consult your doctor.

Choose the Right Exercise Gear

Having the right gear can also help prevent muscle strain. While the gear you need will depend on your activity, using the correct recommend equipment will prevent more injuries that just muscle strain. To prevent muscle strain specifically, consider using compression gear over whichever muscles are at risk for strain. Runners many want compression pants, and those working their arms may want an upper arm sleeve.Muscle strain can become very uncomfortable and painful. However, by taking the right precautions, you’ll be able to train without having to worry about 


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