January 18th, 2021

// 5 Types of Versatile Exercise Equipment When You’re Looking for a Whole-Body Workout

5 Types of Versatile Exercise Equipment When You're Looking for a Whole-Body Workout

Fitness enthusiasts have a large selection of equipment to choose from. However, not all pieces of equipment are the same. Some offer a higher reward-cost ratio and better results in terms of improved athletic performance and physique.

If you've got a plan for building a killer at-home gym using only the most essential exercise equipment, you'll want to check out these five types of versatile exercise equipment for a whole-body workout.

Medicine Balls

For a workout that incorporates the core (the most important and often-overlooked muscle group in terms of functional strength), you need at least one medicine ball. In addition to building the core, medicine balls can also help build stabilizer muscle groups that assist the larger muscles in heavy lifts.

Popular medicine ball exercises include circles, the single-leg deadlift, the Russian twist, and the side lunge.


Kettlebells are a staple of any effective full-body workout. The sheer volume of exercises that can be performed using kettlebells alone sets them apart as superior options for achieving maximum results with minimal investment.

Best of all, kettlebells are a much smaller piece of equipment compared to some of the other options here. A standard set of 5-10 pairs of kettlebells can fit in even the most cramped spaces.


The bioDensity  system has revolutionized the at-home fitness industry. This system is made to help you exercise several different parts of your body. Developed and patented by the leading firm Performance Health Systems, the company cites research showing that bioDensity has the capacity to:

• Improve bone density to prevent osteoporosis.

• Improve blood sugar management for patients with type 2 diabetes.

• Increase blood circulation.

• Lift mood.

Jump Rope

Jump rope is a classic piece of DIY gym equipment. Whether you want to keep your heart rate up between sets or want to warm up before getting into a lifting session, you should have jump ropes on hand.

Like the kettlebell, a jump rope is durable, small, and relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal investment.

Weight Vest

The main problem with doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups is that once you’ve adjusted to your bodyweight and performing 50 or more reps is no longer a challenge, these exercises lose some of their value.

A great way to counter your increased strength and maintain the effectiveness of these exercises is to use a weight vest that you can stack weight on to keep your workouts engaging.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space for new equipment, you can get the most out of your workouts with a few key pieces of equipment. The items listed here are versatile so that you can effectively strengthen your whole body.


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