March 8th, 2015

// 5 Ways To Get Fit

5 Ways To Get Fit

Regularly changing your workout routine is a must if you hope to continue your weight loss or to increase your fitness level. This can be done by having a properly structured fitness program. The program should continually evolve to account for your progress and not to mention keep you interested in going to the gym.

Follow these tips to help increase your fitness:

1. You don’t always need to swap each exercise for new ones. If you like lat pull downs, by all means, keep doing it. Just try switching between eight to ten repetitions at your maximum capacity to as many as fifteen or twenty repetitions at a lighter weight to increase muscular endurance, strength or overall fitness.

2. Don’t be afraid to try something completely new, like kettlebells, balance boards or a TRX suspension training. If you are unsure of how to use the equipment don’t be afraid to ask a trainer, gym attendant or a friend.

3. Changing the number of days you workout or the types of workouts you perform on certain days. For example, many perform whole-body routines, which should be completed at least twice weekly.  You could try a split routine that targets half your body during each of two alternating workouts. By utilizing a split, you can perform twice as many exercises per body part during your sessions.

4. Workout routines can be sport specific or activity specific as well.  After all you don’t use the same muscles in the same ways in tennis as you do in cycling. Research the movements of your activity and incorporate beneficial exercises accordingly.

5. Finally remember to change your gym routine at least every four to six weeks and if you are unsure how to do this try getting a certified personal trainer to help you.

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