March 14th, 2018

// 6 Marathon Essentials Every Female Runner Needs to Own

6 Marathon Essentials Every Female Runner Needs to Own


Running a marathon? It’s essential to invest in the perfect running outfit and Lorna Jane Canada has the technical fashion apparel you need to get to the finish line, faster!


Your outfit can be one of your biggest assets or hindrances during any type of run, but especially a marathon. To make the most of your run, choose an outfit that will support you, not slow you down on your race day! That means no adjusting and rearranging mid-run, it’s all about support and compression to last the distance. To help you pick out the best style for your needs, we’ve outlined 6 marathon essentials that every female runner needs to own.


The Perfect Fitting Sneaker


Footwear is crucial for a run, especially one that spans 42.2 kilometers. You’ll want to ensure that your shoes are relatively lightweight while still providing good support. If they are new, take the time to break them in first at your marathon pace. This test run will determine whether you’re likely to develop blisters or get sore feet before it’s too late. If the shoes bother you on this run, get yourself another pair. Also ensure that your socks are comfortable in your chosen shoe and they don’t ride down during your run.


Just like finding the perfect sneaker, if you find the right fit, you will be able to focus more on your technique and reaching your goals.


Maximum Support and Comfort Sports Bra


It doesn’t matter what size breasts you have, everyone experiences bouncing during physical activity. Therefore, every woman, no matter what size, should wear a sports bra while exercising. It is especially crucial for higher impact activities such as running. However, choosing the right sports bra isn’t as simple as picking the prettiest one and hoping for the best. You also need to consider support and practicality.


For running, especially a marathon distance, maximum support sports bras are the best option. These bras provide the best coverage for high-intensity workouts. Maximum support sports bras feature a thick band for support and adjustable straps for a customized fit. Many will feature a clash back which provides further support.


We also recommend the Comfort Sports Bra, an iconic Lorna Jane piece that has been celebrated by customers for years. It’s a T-Back style with wider straps and it compresses and lifts in all the right places! Thanks to the LJ excel™ Classic fabric this sports bra wicks moisture and is quick drying and breathable.


Breathable Tighter Fitting Top


Although some women prefer a looser fitting top, the best option for a marathon is something that is tighter. This way as you run, you won’t have to worry about the fabric flapping in the wind and getting in your way. You will want to choose a fabric that provides maximum breathability, moisture wicking, and quick drying. In terms of the style of top, it all depends on your personal preference as well as the weather. Each month, Lorna Jane Canada releases new styles of the firmer fitting tank variety – some with waist cords, some with waist bands – in seasonal colours and prints. If you’re running in summer, simply layer it over a supportive sports bra to keep cool, or in the cooler months add a longer length top, zip through or vest to keep the chill out.


8- Way Stretch Support Bottom


Like tops, the type of bottom you wear is both a personal preference as well as dependent on the weather. You still want to keep the fabric in mind to ensure it has stretch, breathability, and possibly even mesh.


Lorna Jane Canada produces so many tights every month, available in 3/4, 7/8 or Full Length, and they recommend a good Core Stability Tight made from LJ excel™ Compression fabric. It’s their signature fabric that has 8-way stretch providing a higher level of support through compression, which will help you in your toughest run.


Compression fabrics are tailored specifically for high intensity activities. Known as a post-workout wonder, compression garments aid in recovery by stimulating blood circulation, reducing lactic acid build up and reducing muscle fatigue. You will also find styles made from this fabric are slightly mid-rise, eliminating that ‘fall down factor’, and the mesh panels flattens and shapes your abdominal area, bringing awareness to the core when working out. Bonus!


App to Track Your Progress


When training for a marathon, you will want to track your progress to ensure you are working toward your goals. The Lorna Jane app is a great tool to track this progress. The app will outline your route with your distance, average speed, and energy expended.


Water Bottle


Fitness expert Amelia Burton suggests, “you need 30ml of water for every kilo you weigh, then between 500 ml – 1 litre (depending on body size and race intensity) for every hour you exercise.” To ensure you keep your hydration up, opt for a bottle that measures your water consumption like this Lorna Jane Canada glass water bottle. While running, you can also invest in a hydration belt to keep hydrated on the go and don’t forget your race day backpack!


Lorna Jane's running apparel offers maximum support sports bras, running shorts and the latest in women's workout clothing. Designed with high performance fabric, these active styles provide comfort, support and breathability as you run.




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