July 12th, 2019

// 7 Ways to Tell if You’re Pushing it Too Hard in Your Workouts

7 Ways to Tell if You're Pushing it Too Hard in Your Workouts 

With hardcore trainers telling you to "Push harder!" all...the...time, do you ever wonder how hard is too hard? Well, you should. 

If you take it too far, too often or for too long, here's what you might see:

-Regression in performance and/or gains. That's right, you can actually lose that lean muscle you've worked so hard to build, endurance you've been building, and even confidence in yourself. 

-You can get injured. Over-exhaustion leads to poor form which can lead to injuries. No fun. 

-Bigger issues like Rhabdomyolysis, where the muscle breaks down and releases nasty toxins in your body that can make you sick or even lead to death. 

How can you tell if you're pushing it too hard? Good question. Here are those 7 ways you can tell.

1) Your Heart Rate Monitor tells you. For those using a wearable that tracks your heart rate, note that you should not be in the red (over 90%) on the regular for more than a few minutes.

2) You vomit.

3) It’s still hard to breathe when you stop the activity.

4) You don’t have energy after the workout.

5) Your form goes bad.

6) You feel any sort of sharp pain, a.k.a. bad pain.

7) You are sore instantly.

So, in the spirit of challenging your body to change your body, yes, push it! But be smart and avoid pushing so hard that you set yourself back. 



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