August 11th, 2022

// A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Crystals

The ancient healing properties of crystals are a relatively untapped phenomena of the natural world. The Earth is composed of thousands of minerals with specific and potent abilities to heal, balance and fortify our existence. Their vibrational patterning receives, transmits and amplifies energy and can be found in countless areas of modern and innovative technology from cars to clocks to communications equipment. These rich treasures of the natural world can foster harmonious energy to our homes, workplaces, and personal health and wellbeing. 

Placing crystals in your home, specifically, in places where you sleep, work, and relax, offers a safe and natural way to promote positive energy flow while removing negative energies brought about by stress, sadness, or sickness. 

Follow the guide below to unlock crystal alchemy’s most potent cures:

1. Frequency

Crystals absorb movement and pressure from the environment and transform it into a type of energy that carries a certain frequency. This frequency depends on an individual crystal’s constitution. However, each crystal produces a unique frequency that has been found to provide individuals with feelings of relief, joy, and gratitude. Although considered a pseudoscience by the scientific community, studies such as the one conducted by the brothers Pierre and Jack Curie in 1880, found that applying pressure, such as achieved by holding a crystal, could produce an electric current. This same electric current has been found by many to be a source of comfort and energy in times of need.

2. Mentality

With the existence of so many competing theories regarding the efficacy of crystal alchemy, one consensus appears on both sides of the argument: The power of the mind is immutable. While the electrical current produced by holding a crystal is seen by many as insufficient to achieve emotional change within an individual, the belief that the energy is achieving change has shown positive results. Many argue that using a crystal as a focal point for one’s intentions can produce a change in the body’s chemistry, bringing its frequency to par with the frequencies associated with gratitude and happiness. 

3. How to Use

Crystals can be used in a variety of ways to augment your mentality. Some ways include placing a crystal like moonstone or selenite beneath your pillow to induce fitful sleep, you can hang a pyrite crystal around your neck to provide energy to you throughout the day, or you can hold a crystal such as rose quartz when meditating to create feelings of love and contentment. Below is an example I do on a regular basis: 

Choose your crystal: What feeling are you looking for? Relief? Love? Gratitude? Each crystal has a unique frequency geared towards producing a strong emotion. Take a look at the crystals offered on my site: …  

Cleanse your crystal: To achieve the best results, you have to remove the previous energies in the crystal before use. These energies are often residual, appearing after each meditation. To cleanse it, run it under cold water for 10 minutes, or charge with an hour of midday sun after rinsing in cool water. 

4. Set your intention

Choose a focus that you will channel into your crystal. It can be something like “I release all that no longer serves me” or “I receive the strength and courage to live to my potential”. 

Begin Meditating: Now it's time to begin the process of centering yourself. First, relax your breathing, taking in slow deep breaths. Second, as you begin to relax, imagine drawing in the energy produced by your chosen crystal. Visualize it flowing throughout your body, filling each cell with boundless energy. Lastly, as you begin to feel cocooned in the crystal’s energy, imagine your intention becoming reality with the help of the crystal's energy. Once you have achieved this balance, you may slowly open your eyes, making sure to breathe slowly and deeply to retain your peaceful state. After giving yourself some time to reflect on what you experienced, allow yourself to feel grateful for this expansion of new energy and intention. It is the first step on the wondrous journey of cultivating inner harmony. 



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