April 6th, 2020

// A Mother’s Touch: How An Experienced Health Professional Makes Exercise Easy for New and Expecting Moms

A Mother’s Touch: How An Experienced Health Professional Makes Exercise Easy for New and Expecting Moms

Yoga, Barre, and Pilates instructor Emma Jory aims to empower women by making exercise classes accessible and affordable 

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (March 2020) – Emma Jory lives by the motto “move it or lose it!” In other words, staying in motion is the key to feeling good, preventing injury, and maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. However, as every busy mother knows, it’s tough to work exercise into a packed schedule. Jory’s longtime commitment to health and healing, and her insight into clients’ unique needs, led her to create ePilates Online.

Jory draws on a wealth of experience to educate and care for her clients. She was notably the first instructor in Australia to offer barre classes. In her 16+ years of teaching, Jory has worked with a wide array of health professionals, including physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors, giving her a unique insight into the healing process.

Her extensive experience as an instructor naturally taught her the ins and outs of health and fitness, but what it also demonstrated to her were the hurdles many women face in attending a class or maintaining a daily exercise routine. The belief that every woman deserves to feel healthy and confident in their bodies is the driving force behind her work.

ePilates Online aims to dismantle the many barriers that new mothers face in looking to heal and get fit. Time and money are prohibitive to many, who may feel that trendy and expensive exercise classes are out of their reach. Others may be new to these classes or feel self-conscious at the prospect of exercising in a group setting, but Jory makes her classes accessible by offering affordable prices and personalized lessons at every possible level.

Jory offers a solution that provides the best of both worlds to any woman interested in yoga, barre, or pilates. The convenience of exercising in the privacy of home is combined with Jory’s signature personal touch. Clients say they feel as if she is in the room with them.

This caring approach sets ePilates Online apart from other online videos, and even in-person instructors. Jory’s vision encompasses everything from the details of the client’s individual needs, to the bigger picture of long term health, including prenatal yoga, a core restore and pelvic floor program aimed at postpartum recovery, and reduction of pain during labor. She is even responding to the current coronavirus crisis by offering a free month-long trial to anyone who may be quarantined at home and looking to start a new exercise routine.

Above all, it is Jory’s mission to help women make a holistic recovery from childbirth and stay healthy through the rest of their lives. With a personalized guided pre- and postnatal journey, she looks to empower women and make a better life possible. No matter your lifestyle or budget, Jory has a plan to help you feel your best.


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