October 25th, 2019

// Advertising Ban Leaves Adult Smokers In The Dark On Facts About Vaping

Advertising Ban Leaves Adult Smokers In The Dark On Facts About Vaping


TORONTO, Oct. 25, 2019 /CNW/ - Moving adult smokers away from cigarettes to vaping products should be one of Ontario's public health goals. However, the recently announced ban on e-cigarette advertising at retail will limit adult smokers' ability to learn about alternative nicotine products.

"Adult consumers need to know the facts about vaping. With the news of vaping related illnesses, vapers don't know where to turn for accurate information. They need to know that vaping is less harmful than smoking. They need to know the science behind it. They need to know their options and how to use them. Imposing regulations that would further restrict communication about these products would only serve to keep smokers hooked on tobacco," said Helen Cran, a spokesperson for Rights4Vapers.com.

The data shows that adult smokers turn to vaping products to help them quit.

Right4Vapers.com surveyed 4,000 Canadian vapers. This survey is the largest consumer survey of vapers and their behaviour. The study found that 95 percent of respondents have used vapour products to quit smoking, and 98 percent of respondents smoke less because of vape use.

"We agree with responsible advertising. It shouldn't target minors or portray vaping as glamorous or safe. However, smokers need information on their products," said Ms. Cran.

Tens of thousands of Canadian smokers have turned to vaping as a way to reduce the health risks of smoking. Study after study has demonstrated that vaping is less harmful than smoking traditional combustible cigarettes.[1] Public Health England published a paper in 2018 that states, "vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking and switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial health benefits."

About Rights4Vapers.com 

Rights4Vapers.com is an organization of vaping advocates dedicated to the advancement of Canadian-based research on vaping. Dr. Chris Lalonde is an academic advisor. 

[1] Tobacco Harm Reduction Approaches to Smoking, UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, public health guidance 45, July 2013 

SOURCE Rights 4 Vapers


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