October 25th, 2018

// AI Helping More in the Cannabis Industry Improve Efficiencies in Staff Management and Staff Retention

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ximble’s  Founder and CEO, Peter Swaniker, is available to discuss innovative ways that cannabis dispensaries and other cannabis businesses are tackling staff scheduling and retention challenges through AI. Send a return email or call 315.427.5935 to arrange.


CARLSBAD, CA - - -There are few businesses as competitive and as heavily regulated nowadays as those in the cannabis industry.


But an increasing number of savvy dispensary owners and cannabis business managers are finding ways to spend more time on their business development, staff engagement and retention, and guest experience than administrative tasks by taking advantage of the latest technology – including AI.


But is there really a place for AI in the cannabis industry?


According to Ximble, the answer is a resounding “yes.”


Ximble is an app that helps employers spend less time on HR administrative tasks. More specifically, it is an intuitive, cloud-based scheduling and labor management solution which provides benefits by reducing labor costs, improving communications, helping with compliance reporting, and maximizing productivity. And it recently introduced AI – specifically, facial recognition - to its suite of services.


The company was recently was named a “Top Ten Workforce Management Solution Provider” by HRTech Outlook an one of the best cloud-based employee scheduling apps by GetApp.


“Dispensary owners and others in the field work very long hours and experience a higher rate of staff turnover than other industries. They are one of the key groups we had in mind when we developed our facial recognition time clock,” said Peter Swaniker, Founder & CEO, Ximble. “It quite simply eliminates a tedious area of employee oversight for them and frees up their time for more business-essential functions. Not to mention the cost savings.”


Their facial recognition time clock ensures that employee timesheets are accurate to reinforce accountability and data precision, tracks PTO and provides compliance reporting. It also gives employees more autonomy and control over their schedule and schedule changes which leads to higher collaboration and engagement and improved communication, said Swaniker.


The proof is in the numbers. Ximble’s clients on average report that they experienced a 70% rise in attendance & punctuality through use of AI and scheduling tools; and the time employers spent on administrative tasks was reduced by 40%. In addition, employers saved 7.2% in payroll costs and saw a 5% increase in revenue per employee.

So how does it work? Upon arrival at work, enrolled employees clock in by a simple photograph. And then do the same at the end of their shift. The app’s AI identifies who it is and clocks their time accordingly.


Because employees must be present at work in order to clock in, it eliminates the common occurrence of “buddy punching”, which, in turn, hurts an employer’s bottom line because they are paying employees for hours they are not doing their job.


And Ximble says the set-up and user functions are as easy for the employer as signing in is for the employee. It also integrates with HR tools like Quickbooks so that employers can streamline scheduling, payroll and administrative functions with just a few clicks.


“We excel in industries with large part-time and seasonal staffs as well as businesses that see high turnover. We count outstanding brands like Starbucks, Wegmans, Ace Hardware, Get Fresh and Ben & Jerry’s to our client family and our growth in the cannabis arena is really taking off,” added Swaniker.


“Obviously any employer has to monitor employee attendance and hours worked. But AI goes far beyond that. It helps owners to have meaningful insight to their business operations by giving them a view to labor costs as well as tracking breaks and the start and end times of particular work assignments,” he added.


For more information, go to Ximble.com.


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