July 25th, 2020

// Alberta launches remote communication between patients and providers as part of COVID-19 response

Alberta launches remote communication between patients and providers as part of COVID-19 response

CALGARY, AB, July 24, 2020 /CNW/ - The Government of Alberta has given patients the ability to create their own secure messaging account to connect with healthcare providers. Brightsquid Secure-Mail has been integrated into the provincial MyHealth Records (MHR) portal. Patients registered for MHR can create their own Secure-Mail account to communicate virtually with community healthcare providers.

When the pandemic imposed restrictions on physical interaction, the healthcare system needed new ways to deliver care. Alberta responded with a solution that keeps patients in contact with their community healthcare providers even at a distance.

"IMAGINE Citizens is very supportive of actions that enable patients to have more access to and involvement in creating and monitoring their own health records. A secure mail function is an important component," says Judy Birdsell, Founder and Board Chair of IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health.

"Thousands of Albertans now have two-way digital communication with any subscribing health clinic, and it's connected to their personal health record," said Rohit Joshi, Co-Founder and CEO of Brightsquid. "We're pleased to offer our expertise in our home province to help address the communication concerns raised by the pandemic and prepare Alberta for the future of healthcare."

Patients and clinics in Alberta now use Secure-Mail to exchange over 50,000 messages each month. There is no cost to patients using Secure-Mail, and Secure-Mail is available at no cost to clinics for their first 2 months. Clinics can subscribe to Brightsquid at Brightsquid.com. Patients can learn more about creating and connecting their accounts here.

About MyHealth Records:

MyHealth Records is a patient-centred online tool that lets most Albertans see and keep track of their health information in one secure place. Albertans can view their immunizations, medications, some commonly ordered lab results including COVID-19 test results, and communicate with community care providers using Secure-Mail.

About IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Health:

IMAGINE Citizens is an independent, citizen led society in Alberta whose mission is to enable and mobilize citizens' ability to influence, and become valued partners in improving health care experiences and outcomes for all.

About Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp.:

Brightsquid Secure-Mail is a proven secure email service that has delivered almost 2 Million messages. It simplifies communication between patients and their healthcare providers to accelerate care, increase access and create clinic efficiencies that benefit the entire healthcare system.

SOURCE Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp.


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