November 26th, 2017

// Alicia Bell – Road To The Arnold Amateurs – 14 Weeks Out

Alicia Bell - Road To The Arnold Amateurs - 14 Weeks Out

Hey Guys! Its been a while since I actually posted a personal blog on my blog. And I was doing a little bit of thinking this week. Actually a lot of thinking since I started this prep. My blog way back when I was going by a different business name and not train it right started as my thoughts, recipes, workouts and thoughts about the fitness industry. So I wanted to bring back a little bit more of a personal touch to my blog.

Therefore weekly during this prep I want to sit down and write out my thoughts on my week, how training went, my mind set, anything exciting that happened and overall just the experience of being a figure competitor.

I feel that with social media today we are all just posting our highlights and no one is personable. Thats kind of why almost a year ago I started my youtube vlog:   But I also want to talk to my readers and share with you all my journey to the stage for Arnold Amateurs.

Soooo here it goes:

15 weeks out until Today

I feel great to be honest. Im focused, loving my training plan and my nutrition is going good. I don't have many cravings and the ones that I do I have been able to fight them off with teas, coffees and being creative with my food.

Sometimes I feel like Im the crazy person in the room because Im always thinking about my goals, workouts or when I can exit a convo and go to the gym. Im so forever thankful that Sean is my boyfriend and my coach because he understands my drive, goals and dreams.

Im writing this at 6:07pm on Sunday and I still have some abs and another 45 minutes of cardio to get to and Im not dreading it at all. Im excited. I want this and I want to do well. And Im going at this prep with tenacity, determination and a mind set that is far superior then any other prep that I have done to date.

This is my time. I know I have what it takes and Im not going to waste any second of it.

Anyway thats just kind of where my head is at. I am definitely going to commit to 1x a week of blogs like this but there may be more because Im going to write when I feel like writing and even give you guys details on my cardio, training and nutrition.

Thanks for reading! Thanks for the support and keep an eye out for something cool so that you guys can join in with me at 12 weeks out!





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