November 3rd, 2020

// Amgen Canada Launches My HeartPath™ – An App for Every Heart Attack Recovery Journey

Amgen Canada Launches My HeartPath™ - An App for Every Heart Attack Recovery Journey

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Nov. 3, 2020 /CNW/ - Amgen Canada Inc. (Amgen Canada) has partnered with patients and healthcare professionals to launch the global pilot of My HeartPathTM in Canada. My HeartPathTM is a heart health app which supports and empowers patients during their heart attack recovery.  

My HeartPathTM is the first of its kind in Canada for heart attack survivors and provides practical advice, educational resources and support for patients who have suffered devastating heart attacks. 

Working with patients and healthcare providers allowed Amgen Canada to understand the depth of patient needs during their heart attack recovery and the problems that My HeartPathTM needed to solve. These insights became central to the app's development, with patient experience and feedback driving functionality and capability of the app. 

Dr. Beth Abramson, Director of the Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation Centre at St Michael's Hospital in Toronto, Canada was a central part of the design team. Abramsom said enabling the providers of care to give insight into how the patients go through their recovery process was invaluable.  

"I'm truly hopeful My HeartPathTM will improve care as we integrate modern technology into the healing and secondary prevention path for our patients, addressing factors like wellness, risk factor modification to improve care," says Abramson. 

My HeartPathTM addresses common patient pain points during heart attack recovery by providing solutions in key moments which matter. These pain points, such as intangible goals and a lack of meaningful information, are solved by the functionality built into the app. 

Patricia van den Ende, a heart attack survivor who was also involved in the development of the app, says that life after a heart attack can be complicated. "It's a long journey and there's a lot of things that you need to do try to prevent a second heart attack. My HeartPathTM helps to make it easy for survivors and provides information and motivation that you need, when you need it." 

My HeartPathTM provides an overview of not only short-term goals but also the bigger picture – what patients are working toward in 3 months, 6 months or a year. It also includes a number of features, allowing patients to maximize visits with their doctors – this includes reminders, medication prompts and an LDL tracker. Lastly, it enables clear goal setting to encourage healthy habits in the short and long term.  

"My HeartPathTM is designed for patients by patients, Healthcare Providers and Amgen Canada. At Amgen Canada our mission is to serve patients, and we're proud to bring the global pilot of My HeartPathTM to Canadians, supporting them and empowering them during their recovery journey" says Dr. Suna Avcil, Executive Medical Director at Amgen Canada. 

"This heart health app will offer patients who have suffered a heart attack more support during their recovery journey. It will benefit thousands of patients who have ASCVD or other forms of cardiovascular disease, empowering them to take control of their own recovery after a heart attack," says Dr. Beth Abramsom, Preventative Cardiologist. 

My HeartPathTM can be downloaded on the App Store or on Google Play

To learn more about My HeartPathTM visit

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