May 15th, 2020

// Amid Historic Unemployment Rates, Opportunity is Knocking for Cannabis Entrepreneurs as My Green Network Opens Up Limited Membership

Amid Historic Unemployment Rates, Opportunity is Knocking for Cannabis Entrepreneurs as My Green Network Opens Up Limited Membership 

MyGN empowers entrepreneurs to harness the multi-billion dollar potential of a seemingly recession-proof, “essential” sector

SANTA ANA, Calif. (May 14th, 2020): In the midst of sky-high unemployment rates due to COVID-19, My Green Network (MyGN) offers a clear path to entrepreneurship in the recession-proof cannabis sector. Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, along with visionary brand strategist Maria Cordeiro, MyGN is poised to make a lasting impression on a multi-billion dollar (and growing) cannabis industry while fueling powerful innovation within the “green” community.

“After years of experience advising and assisting cannabis start-ups, we saw the enormous need for growth and innovation in the space - but also the extremely high barriers to entry,” explains company Co-Founder James Shih. “When you see a “$50M cannabis facility with the ‘latest technology making it easy’ – they forgot one thing, their customers are paying a corresponding price.” 

“We are different. Our ethos is Leaders, Empowering, Community. We design each facility to be affordable and flexible so we can revolutionize this industry with our members. We seek innovative members with the passion and will to harness the incredible potential of one of the nation’s fastest-growing, “essential” industries – then we remove the industry barriers for them.”

Every cannabis business faces 3 almost impassible barriers, high capital startup costs (around $1M minimum), complex licensing, and draining overhead before releasing their first product causing many companies to fail. –With MyGN, these start-up costs are reduced by 90% in an industry where many owners are seeing little COVID-19-related business interruption. New York Times calls this “essential” consumer good “one of the country’s fastest-growing job sectors” with dispensaries reporting increases in early spring sales. Despite a pandemic, Cannabis is showing a solid foundation with the ability to withstand economic downturns while having incredible upside potential.

MyGN clears a path for entrepreneurs to create and execute solid business plans - a factor Forbes reports will be the biggest indicator of success in the coming years. With a comprehensive network of in-depth knowledge, support, connections, and compliance measures to guide members in creating a stand-out brand. “Anyone can be the next Loreal, Nestle, or Coca-Cola of cannabis,” explains Shih. “With My Green Network by your side, you get to do all the fun stuff without any of the headache.”

MyGN offers entrepreneurs a licensed cannabis facility with shared-workspaces , an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, and the essential elements of guidance and supervision from industry experts. MyGN fully empowers business owners to remain completely independent, maintaining their own cannabis license along with branding and marketing control. Plus, they eliminate nearly all of the risk and uncertainty associated with a traditional cannabis operation by offering a generous license or money-back guarantee. 

MyGN opens in Q3 2020 in Santa Ana, Orange County - an epicenter of cannabis innovation, offering direct access to the most profitable cannabis markets. Due to state regulations, spaces are currently limited to 30 businesses, so now is the time to join MyGN and “go green the way you want.” Simply choose from four customizable memberships, complete an onboarding call, and start creating your cannabis line. Visit to learn more and to get in on the “green rush” the right way.

About My Green Network:

Founded by internationally recognized attorneys Ken Hwang and James Shih, and visionary Maria Cordeiro, My Green Network (MyGN) is California’s premier membership-based space intuitively designed for cannabis entrepreneurs. Leveraging the power of community-based collaboration to revolutionize an infamously complex industry, this “cloud-kitchen meets cannabis incubator” accelerates the journey from idea to entrepreneurship. At MyGN, membership provides exclusive access to essential elements of a successful venture: a compliant cannabis facility, an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, guidance and supervision from industry experts, licenses, legal advice, and much more. Begin transforming your dream into a very real future at Follow @OfficialGreenNetwork on Instagram to connect with leaders that are empowering our community.

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