June 27th, 2019

// Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health Primed for Growth Following Partnership with Persistence Capital Partners

Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health Primed for Growth Following Partnership with Persistence Capital Partners

PCP recognizes Anova's leadership in Canadian fertility as Anova celebrates its third anniversary

TORONTO, June 27, 2019 /CNW/ - Persistence Capital Partners ("PCP"), a private equity fund focused exclusively on investing in high-growth opportunities in Canadian healthcare, is pleased to announce that it is partnering with Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health ("Anova"), providing Anova with capital to accelerate its growth strategy. 

Founded three years ago to the day by Dr. Marjorie Dixon, Chief Executive Officer, Anova boasts a state-of-the-art embryology laboratory and a clinic inspired by Dr. Dixon's desire to improve the patient experience and humanize treatment in fertility care. Keeping quality patient care at the forefront, PCP will work closely with Anova's management team on a number of strategic initiatives to support future growth. These initiatives include, opening new clinics, pursuing investment and partnership opportunities, creating a collaborative and 'cutting edge' environment for physicians and other healthcare practitioners, and investing in the best global technologies and techniques to help Canadians grow their families.

"We believe Anova has an exciting growth trajectory ahead and we look forward to working with Dr. Dixon, and her team, to build a leading company in this dynamic market with growth coming from increased awareness, improved technology, improved success rates, and the rising prevalence of infertility in Canadians," said Adrianna Czornyj, Partner at PCP. "Anova has the most sophisticated and proficient lab and the highest patient success rates we've seen in Canada. Our investment is a recognition of the hard work and dedication of the Anova team over the past three years, led by an entrepreneurial physician CEO with a compelling vision for patient care across Canada. We look forward to helping Anova expand its footprint to help more Canadians access patient-centric fertility and reproductive care. I am proud to be working with an organization dedicated to women's health and helping families."

"This is a very exciting time for Anova," added Dr. Dixon. "Assisted fertility can be stressful and disarming. Since day one, we strived to elevate the patient experience by creating a humanizing and caring environment. Now, on the birthday of our clinic's opening, we've received an injection of growth capital to take Anova to the next level. PCP is an ideal partner for us. They have been investing in, running, and growing healthcare businesses in Canada for over 30 years. PCP understands our mission and vision, and they share similar values, including our strong focus on quality and patient care. We endeavored to achieve what was previously deemed impossible in our industry. This culminated in a clinic with a stellar team whose mission was to bring that dream and vision to fruition." 

Stuart M. Elman, Managing Partner at PCP, said, "Investing in and supporting game-changing Canadian healthcare businesses is at the core of what PCP does.  We are proud to welcome Anova and its team to the PCP group of portfolio companies.  Anova is our second investment in our most recent fund, as we continue to execute on our proven investment strategy."

About Persistence Capital Partners

Persistence Capital Partners is Canada's leading private equity fund exclusively focused on high-growth opportunities in the healthcare field. With deep healthcare industry expertise, PCP aims to create significant long-term capital appreciation for its investors by identifying and developing attractive investment opportunities in the Canadian healthcare market. PCP has offices in Montreal, Quebec, and Toronto, Ontario. For more information about Persistence Capital Partners, please visit www.persistencecapital.com, or contact: 

Adrianna Czornyj
Persistence Capital Partners
E: adrianna.czornyj@persistencecapital.com

About Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health

Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health opened in 2016 as a full-service fertility and IVF clinic. Anova is Canada's first next-generation embryology laboratory, and is the leader in innovation, education, and communication for high quality patient centric fertility and reproductive care. The team at Anova strives to set the international standard for successful reproductive health and fertility centres, committed to making the right to family accessible to everyone. Anova is known for their culture of support, effective processes and their holistic approach to patient care. For more information about Anova, please visit www.anovafertility.com, or contact: 

Dr. Marjorie Dixon
Founder, Medical Director, and Chief Executive Officer
Anova Fertility & Reproductive Health
E: media@anovafertility.com

SOURCE Persistence Capital Partners


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