January 28th, 2019

// Anxiety, It’s Time to Go: New Book Ditches the Psychobabble to Remove Anxiety…for Good!

Anxiety, It's Time to Go: New Book Ditches the Psychobabble to Remove Anxiety…for Good! 

Kevin Mullin’s ‘Anxiety, It’s Time to Go’ calls on the author’s vast experience as an NLP practitioner to help readers identify the root of their anxiety and not only remove it…but rid it for good. Using a series of proven techniques, this breakthrough guide could just be the most com

Ayr, Scotland – Those who suffer from anxiety and its related disorders understand it isn’t just disheartening, but an often-debilitating, life-destroying condition. And even worse, there’s a flood of books on the market conveying half-baked techniques that rarely actually work.

But that all now stops thanks to NLP practitioner Kevin Mullin and his new book, ‘Anxiety, It’s Time to Go’.

Just like the title, Mullins’ breakthrough text marks anxiety’s “grand finale” for its sufferers around the world, as they prepare to step into a new life free of the condition.


Anxiety, It's Time to Go is not just another self-help book. It is 'the' self-help book. It uses cutting-edge tried and tested methods that have been used time and time again to remove anxiety from people each and every day. Anxiety, It's Time to Go will explain everything in simple terms and then show you exactly how to combat the things that hurt and control us when it comes to anxiety. The easy-to-follow exercise and instructions have been made straightforward without all the psychobabble that most people use. We say it as it is and then show you exactly how to remove it. This might just be the best thing you have done when it comes to beating crippling anxiety once and for all. 

“The over-riding goal with this book was to make it as straightforward and actionable as possible, with no fluff and no BS,” explains the author. “The fact of the matter is that anxiety is an epidemic in society these days and, unless someone steps in to do something about it, it’s going to continue destroying lives around the world.”

Continuing, “You need no prior understanding of NLP to use my book to change your life, and you also don’t need to fully understand your own anxiety. If you suffer, or even think you do, what I have to teach will radically improve your mental health and the overall quality of your life. Get a copy today!”

Reviews have been extremely positive. One reader writes, “I was given the book to read and I loved it. It was one of those books that I did not want to put down but equally did not want to finish, as I was enjoying it too much (like saving a new dress 'for best'). It was all so simple, it made sense and it worked!!! Now, I am not going to elaborate more, because I am now too busy living anxiety-free! Too busy enjoying life. Planning life. Too happy to even think about the old me who wasted so much time feeling anxious, stressed, miserable, not wanting to be here. So, read it for yourself.”

‘Anxiety, Its Time to Go’ is available now: https://amzn.to/2DvLkDQ

About the Author:

Kevin Mullin enlisted in the British Army aged fifteen years and eight months. He served in several conflict areas and operations around the globe, then at the age of thirty-four, he left the service and became a private military operator. Kevin was contracted to the United States Department of Defense, securing and protecting US Military bases and assets in Afghanistan. Kevin worked there for four years before moving to one of the most valuable targets in Afghanistan in the heart of Kabul – The Serena Hotel. Kevin studied NLP within the British Army and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience, training the trainers in the methods of approaches to NLP. Having suffered the loss of both his brother and mother, he was crippled with anxiety for many years. Kevin searched relentlessly for new, dynamic ways to beat it.

Having taken an apprenticeship with Ali Campbell, Kevin finally found what he was looking for. He understudied and role modelled Ali to great effect. In June 2017, Kevin opened his very own NLP practice based in Central Scotland. The practice has received rave reviews about Kevin’s new, dynamic and direct approach. He has helped thousands of clients become anxiety-free. Kevin has gained plaudits from Italy, Dubai and America for his dynamic and enthusiastic approach to motivational speaking and helping businesses and organisations flourish and grow. He is also a full-time parent. He raises his children with the approach he takes in life and in his crusade to help everyone in the battle with anxiety. Drive, determination and a vigour unparalleled in this modern age.


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