February 20th, 2020

// AOC Dingbat, Trump Superhero in New Kids’ Book – Socialism 101 for Tots

AOC Dingbat, Trump Superhero in New Kids’ Book - Socialism 101 for Tots

A new children’s book casts Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a gum-popping, bored, selfie-taking amateur while President Trump, donning a MAGA-red superhero cape, swoops in to save an elementary school from the evils of socialism.

Help! Mom! The Swamp is in My School! written by bestselling author Katharine DeBrecht, is described as a “hilarious and fun way to explain socialism to kids.” DeBrecht, author of the bestseller Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed! says the book is needed to balance what she believes is institutionalized indoctrination of children by leftists. “Kids are spoon-fed the glories of socialism from the minute they enter public education. By the time they reach college, they are heralding mass murderers such as Che Guevara and Joseph Stalin as heroes and pioneers,” says DeBrecht. She points to a recent study that found 70 percent of millennials would vote for a socialist candidate.

AOC, who is referred to as OIC (Oh…I see!!!) in the book, is only one of a slew of leftists targeted. Others include Speaker Queenosie, Congressman Schifty (whose turtleneck eerily resembles a number two pencil), a one-percenter Senator Bernie sporting a top hat, Senator Pocahontas with a headdress, and Vice President Buyme who digresses to his time at the French Revolution when he told Winston Churchill to “tear down this wall!”

DeBrecht calls the full-color illustrated book a “YUGE lesson in socialism and MAGA.”  The story chronicles brothers Tommy and Lou and other kids from Bradford Plymouth School as they run a bake sale to earn money for their school supplies.  After a series of usual leftist suspects start forcing their socialist policies on their bake sale, the kids turn to Donaldus Magnus (President Trump in his signature blue suit with a red cape) to make the school great again.

Even what DeBrecht calls the “complicit legacy media” is not spared.  Rachel Maddow and Chuck Toddie wear Pravda name tags and the recent row over “fake news” between the satirical site The Babylon Bee and CNN appears in the background in an illustration.

DeBrecht goes further, touching on the recent impeachment trial of President Trump, as Congressman Schifty finds out sixth hand about a phone call overheard by a hamster.  She points out a little kangaroo that appears throughout the book “as a subtle reminder of the kangaroo court that presided over the worst witch hunt and hoax in American history.”


Bio: Katharine DeBrecht is a bestselling author, proud Deplorable and mother of three.  Known for her insightful, yet witty commentary, she has appeared on national television and radio across the globe. As a self-syndicated writer, Katharine's opinion pieces have been distributed in the national print media, including The Los Angeles Times and online magazines such as Human Events and World Net Daily. Her Help! Mom! books have been profiled on national media and throughout the world. 


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