July 16th, 2019

// Atlantic WeedBoard.com Presents “Cannabis Diaries” — Personal Stories Illustrating the Wellness Benefits of CBD —

Atlantic WeedBoard.com Presents “Cannabis Diaries” 
-- Personal Stories Illustrating the Wellness Benefits of CBD --

There has been a lot of celebration lately about the wellness benefits of CBD, but with so much information out there, it’s hard for the average person to sort out what this can actually mean to them and their loved ones.  To illustrate some specific ways CBD can heal the body,Atlantic WeedBoard has created a series of original “Cannabis Diaries” videos featuring real people with real health issues sharing their experience of finding relief with CBD.

An exclusive interview posted this week on Atlantic WeedBoard.com gives the first- hand account of Becky, who suffered for years with severe, chronic hives as well as joint pain, anxiety and insomnia.  Her health issues were originally jump-started by a bad reaction to antibiotics, and later diagnosed as an autoimmune disorder. After going from doctor to doctor, exploring a variety of treatments and not finding any relief from traditional medicine, she finally found a solution in the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD oil. Within a month, Becky saw a reduction in her symptoms.

“I was surprised to find that CBD had no psychoactive tendencies,” explains Becky.  “I knew I didn’t like that feeling and I wasn’t looking for that.  CBD has made a huge difference in my life.”

Another “Cannabis Diaries” video on Atlantic WeedBoard.com tells the story of Kathy. After a burst appendix she was seriously ill with sepsis. Following her stay in the hospital she was sent home with opioids but still not getting relief from the pain. She tried cannabis tincture, which not only helped ease her pain and transition her off the pain medication, but also worked to reduce the stress she was experiencing over the frustration of waiting for body to get better.

“Healing is really hard work and it’s hard to be patient with the process,” says Kathy.  “Cannabis gave me a lot more patience to contend with how long things were going to take.”

“We want Atlantic WeedBoard to be a place where people turn to for guidance and clarification about CBD,” says Atlantic WeedBoard co-founder Richard Carey.  “These shared stories help people understand how CBD may translate into their own lives.”

AtlanticWeedboard.com is a new website that serves as a resource and community for all things cannabis. Atlantic WeedBoard helps guide consumers through the wellness benefits and choices of CBD  products, with a focus on organically grown products where the source and quality are clearly defined.  One of the unique features of Atlantic WeedBoard is originally produced video interviews that provide detailed insight into the latest developments and benefits of CBD.  In addition to “Cannabis Diaries,” other video themes on the site include the “Five Minutes With…” series of interviews with those who are at the forefront of the CBD revolution, and “High Profile” videos on the cannabis industry, dispensaries and farmers.  

For the full interviews please visit https://atlanticweedboard.com/cannabis-diaries/

Atlantic WeedBoard is a newly-formed informational center specifically developed for the emerging cannabis industry. The site is presented in artistic graphics with a fun side to it featuring a boardwalk and Ferris wheel as its signature logo.   On a more serious note, Atlantic WeedBoard is a type of “Consumer Reports” of cannabis as it presents products for people and their pets, interviews with the top growers, curates independently tested legal products and offers anecdotal beauty, health and wellness advice for consumers. For more information, visit www.atlanticweedboard.com


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