May 3rd, 2018

// Attract, Retain & Motivate Top Talent with Stafits’ Employee Wellness Benefit Packages

Attract, Retain & Motivate Top Talent with Stafits’ Employee Wellness Benefit Packages

Toronto, ON - With the goal of allowing businesses the opportunity to attract the best and brightest of employees, Toronto-based Stafits provides Wellness Benefits to employers. Wellness Benefits are generally viewed as a good investment on the part of employers. Studies have shown that when employees choose to take advantage of Wellness Benefits, improvements in mental, physical and financial health are noted, and traditional health care costs are lowered as a result.

While the concept of Wellness Benefits is nothing new, these types of benefits usually cover activities such as yoga classes, nutrition classes or perhaps a speaker on financial planning, to name just a few examples. But according to Stafits founder Gil Koren, the biggest issue with these types of wellness benefits is engagement.

“There’s always a small group of employees who will happily accept anything you offer,” says Koren. “But for the majority, it is hard to find an initiative that really drives engagement.  No matter how good a certain program could potentially be, if no one is using it, it’s just a waste of money.”

Which is the reason why Stafits came up with the unique idea of offering a vacation plan.  

“What do all employees crave more than anything? A vacation, of course!” explains Koren. “Here’s a solution that will recharge and relax, help relieve stress, reduce burnout, improve morale and increase productivity. To achieve this, we offer a completely customized plan for each employer that is fully managed by us… and all for less than a cost of a cup of coffee per employee, per month.”


The program works by giving employees contributions to their travel plan on a monthly basis. Employer involvement is kept to a minimum. Stafits takes care of all the details, even to the point of helping employees arrange their vacations.

As employers recognize the advantages behind the idea of a employee vacation plan, Stafits is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Businesses of all types and sizes share their positive experiences with the program on the Stafits testimonials page.

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Comprised of a group of innovative business owners, Toronto-based Stafits was founded in 2017 as a Wellness Benefit provider. Based on the premise that “A happy employee is a productive employee,” the company focuses on providing a staff retention plan that works by offering travel incentives to employees.

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