June 12th, 2018

// Author Roxane Monette Offers FREE Copy of ‘Fit Inside Out’

ONTARIO, CANADA - JUNE 12, 2018 - Author Roxane Monette, a health and fitness professional, is offering a FREE copy of her book for a limited time through her website.

Health and fitness professional Roxane Monette is the author of Fit Inside Out: A Beginner's Guide to a Healthy Body and Mindset (WTF Is So Scary About Fitness?!)In her book, she explores common myths about fitness and offers help on starting a personal fitness journey for readers of all ages. Now, Monette is offering a FREE copy of her book through her website for a limited time.

Fit Inside Out is targeted to help people who feel lost, overwhelmed, and confused about their perceived level of fitness by providing them simple guidance while beginning a fitness journey. Whether readers are brand-new to fitness or have been involved in fitness activities in the past, this book can help. Monette encourages readers to return to a healthy body and mindset by speaking to them on a personal level about finding self-worth and taking action in small steps towards feeling better overall.

According to the author, fitness is not just about looking good on the outside, but it is also feeling good on the inside.

“The fitness industry can be quite contradictory, which causes confusion for anyone who wishes to become fit,” Monette says.

The book eases the stress and confusion by simplifying the process, reminding people to have fun, stay happy, and be engaged throughout their journey.

Fit Inside Out offers advice on discovering self-worth, getting started in fitness, having a positive mindset, discovering help for fitness goals, setting appropriate expectations, and overcoming daily obstacles as well as monitoring proper nutrition.

For a limited time, visitors to the author’s website at www.fitinsideoutbook.com can download a FREE copy of the book, a $32 value. For more information, visit the author’s website.


About Roxane Monette

Roxane Monette is a health and fitness professional and author of a book on achieving optimum health at any age. She offers clients and readers supportive, positive advice on exercise and nutrition.


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