August 27th, 2019

// Back to School…and Back to Bullying

Back to School...and Back to Bullying

One child gently grasps the hand of a crying child as they head into school together. It is a moment of caring and comforting. You may have seen the photograph that recently went viral:

Could anything be more beautiful than that? It almost makes you believe that bullying is an aberration rather than a daily reality for kids, of all ages, everywhere. However, we know that bullying, and its consequences, are in the news every day.

The beginning of a school year is always a time of remembering for me. My middle school experience was a nightmare of kids who wanted to hurt me and adults who abandoned me. I will always recall how it felt. It took me decades to recover and reclaim my peace.

I hope others who experienced bullying at school can heal far more quickly than I did. To help them, I wrote "Getting Past Childhood Bullying: How Adults Can Recover From Trauma That Began at School." It contains the story of my experiences and how, using a four-step program, I was finally able to get beyond the bullying. 

As kids go back to school, they'll be making memories. At the same time, this time of year will trigger horrifying recollections and feelings of helplessness for the adults who never got beyond the bullying they suffered. They really could use a proven program for healing. I'd like to send you an evaluation copy of my book. Might that be of interest to you? I'd also be available for an interview. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Bio: Stacey J. Miller

Stacey J. Miller is an independent book publicist, publisher, writer, editor, and social media strategist. She has worked in, and around, the book publishing industry for nearly three decades.

She is the author of Getting Past Childhood Bullying: How Adults Can Recover From Trauma That Began at School (BPT Press). and Feline Operation Barfitty Blues: The College Emissions Scandal which she wrote, and published, in three days. She likes cats an awful lot. 

Founder of S. J. Miller Communications, Stacey is based in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts. Visit her online at


Getting Past Childhood Bullying

By Stacey J. Miller

BPT Press


November 2018


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