June 20th, 2015

// Beretta Farms Smart Snacking Review

Hey Guys! Below is my Beretta Farms Smart Snacking Review:


Smart snacking can be a tricky endeavour. Whether you are hitting the gym mid-day or going right after work, eating for your workout can be difficult to fit into your schedule. This is why responsible snacking is so important! To avoid resorting to sugary granola bars or worse nothing at all, having an arsenal of portable snacks full of protein is key!

I recently had the opportunity to try Beretta's Last Rep Clean and Jerky and their Protein Puck Power Cookie! I totally loved them. ESPECIALLY the Last Rep Clean and Jerky! GRASS FED JERKY! WHEAT?!?! OMG! I love meat. Especially jerky. And this is healthy! What a great healthy snack! The bag was actually packed full and air sealed. I used it for a couple of different times I was running low on energy and needed some protein. It was a lot of servings and stayed very fresh. It also was delicious! By delicious I mean ADDICTIVE. I wish I had more 🙁 You can buy it on their site by the case... I would love a case....HINT HINT. http://www.berettafamilyfarms.com/shop/65-last-rep-clean-and-jerky

Beretta's Last Rep Clean and Jerky and Protein Puck Power Cookie are great on- the-go snacks made with all-natural ingredients. These snacks provide you with the energy you need to get through your workout or even just your day. I used the puck as my last snack after coaching track and it re-energized me.

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