February 2nd, 2021

// Biological health test uses mobile games for brand reach

Age well with AudioMob


GlycanAge sign on for higher brand exposure in mobile games for the first time with AudioMob’s pioneering rewarded audio ad format

2 February 2021, London. GlycanAge, a precision health test of biological age and wellness, are taking the step to expose their product to wider audiences, utilising in-game audio ads this year. The potential they have unlocked with AudioMob’s innovative audio ad format in mobile gaming is continuing to rise and drive potential customers to their website directly from games. Whilst the connection between mobile gaming and biological health tests might seem tenuous, the gaming demographic has expanded exponentially and now caters to an audience of 2.5 billion, 63% of whom are women: an audience no longer narrow and belonging to a teenage boy’s club, who already are seizing the opportunity to check in on their health with GlycanAge.

GlycanAge, a service that strives to inspire change through knowledge, reveals the age of your immune system and gives you the opportunity to improve your lifestyle and take control of your health. Backed by world leaders in glyco-science, the GlycanAge team made up of award-winning scientists have studied ageing and created a test that is proven to work. With patented technology they boast over three decades of innovation and groundbreaking research to offer the highest standards for quality and put users’ health back in their own capable hands. Working with AudioMob the core objective was to reach more users concerned with their health, or interested in preventative services, but unsure how to take the first step. Building audio ads into mobile games, gave GlycanAge the opportunity to drive website traffic without breaking the budget and with astounding results. The average click through rate on the audio enhanced banners resulted in an increase of 150% compared to the industry standard, with a cost per click of just $0.21.

‘We’ve always wanted to find a way to use mobile gaming to promote our service to a wider audience. Before AudioMob, it was always too expensive to use video and mobile banner ads were pretty much invisible. This is definitely something we’ll continue to utilize as it’s worked wonders driving users and health clinics to our website.‘ said Nikolina Lauc, CEO of GlycanAge.

AudioMob, a Google for Startups backed tech maverick, has created the world’s first rewarded audio ad format for mobile games. The non-intrusive ads play directly into the ears of the gamer whilst they can continue to play the game, and therefore don’t get frustrated by ads interrupting their experience or taking them away to another site completely. It’s a seamless plugin that has already proven, in a YouGov survey from last year, to be preferred amongst 67% of adult gamers compared to video ads, and can amplify ad placements with a huge potential of 250% revenue increase. For developers, the opportunity to monetise and retain players is impressive, whilst huge brand names like Warner, Dell and Amazon have already seized the opportunity to advertise using AudioMob.

‘We already believe in the power of video ads, for monetising games, but audio is soaring and this year will see the true potential it has to amplify the world of Adtech. Monetising using audio is a win-win-win for developers, brands and players alike. The highly targetable potential of audio ads meant that we could specifically implement the GlycanAge audio enhanced banners into games where we knew the overwhelming age range was 30+, and therefore get the highest revenue.’ said Christian Facey, CEO and Co-Founder of AudioMob.

Stretching across brand genres from music, electronics and health, AudioMob’s format is incredibly versatile and the results already being seen are hugely promising. As more developers continue to integrate and brands race to sign on to use AudioMob’s rewarded audio ads, the format is set to gain impressive traction this year. The future of audio is already incredibly bright, and for AudioMob, for developers, players and brands, the potential is definitely one to seize early on.


About AudioMob

Headquartered in Google for Startups, London, UK, AudioMob is the brainchild of ex-Google and Facebook alums Christian Facey and Wilfrid Obeng. AudioMob, backed by some of the savviest investors in the industry, is the only company in the world to offer a holistic in-game audio ad solution welcomed by the games and advertising industries alike. Its platform enables developers to better monetise their games while keeping players loyal, and advertisers a seamless and highly effective gateway to an untapped gaming audience. For the first time gamers can enjoy their gaming experiences and their ad experiences at the same time.

About GlycanAge

GlycanAge is the most accurate test of biological age and wellness available. Delivering trustworthy, scientifically proven results with personalised advice you can act upon, GlycanAge reveals the age of your immune system. The strong belief amongst the GlycanAge team is that self-knowledge inspires change, and knowing the true extent of your biological health will encourage people to take control. GlycanAge is perfect if you are making lifestyle improvements, interested in ageing well, bouncing back from a major life event, measuring fitness recovery, interested in science or looking to compare results with family and friends. GlycanAge is made up of a team of world leaders in glyco-science and own patented technology to offer the highest standard of quality results.


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