May 11th, 2021

// Blue Hive Health, Canada’s First Digital Wellness Clinic Opens Expanding Canadians Access to Personalized Mind-Body Healing

Blue Hive Health, Canada's First Digital Wellness Clinic Opens Expanding Canadians Access to Personalized Mind-Body Healing

As Canadians suffer from a mental health crisis, Blue Hive Health is on a mission to increase Canadians' access to holistic solutions and improve overall wellbeing.

TORONTO, May 10 2021 /CNW/ - Toronto based Blue Hive Health is Canada's first digital holistic mind-body centre expanding Canadian's access to natural health practices. Using a collaborative educational approach, Blue Hive Health's health and wellness treatments focus on the body, mind and spirit to provide contemporary practices which address multiple aspects of people's wellbeing.

Canadians who report symptoms of mental illness also report experiencing three times as many chronic physical conditions compared to the general population. The correlation between mental and physical health is more pressing now than ever as 1 in every 4 Canadians is dealing with heightened mental health issues due to COVID-19 and its associated lockdowns. With a lack of physical access to health support options Blue Hive Health addresses the gap in the market providing Canadians with an accessible space that serves both mental and physical wellbeing at a time when it is more needed than ever. 

With a framework focused on creating a program that is accessible, educational and most importantly, client focused, Blue Hive Health redefines what virtual wellness services can offer and challenges the way health issues are addressed. Rooted in the principle that people's optimal physical health is dependent on positive mental health, Blue Hive's holistic, mind and body approach firmly believes the only way to truly feel true wellbeing is to find and address the root cause of the problem. 

"For many health issues, the conventional health care system often focuses on treating the symptoms, rather than targeting and addressing the source of the problem," says Stephanie Abouatallah, Co-founder and CEO, Blue Hive Health. "This approach is needed for some health issues, but falls short for others. We founded Blue Hive Health to increase awareness of the benefits of a holistic, mind and body approach to healing, the range of health issues it can alleviate and how it can enhance conventional treatments."

Blue Hive Health's services include Psychotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Energetic Therapies, Emotional Freedom techniques, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Mindfulness Meditation and Coaching led by expert practitioners. To provide patients with a full mind-body approach, Blue Hive Health offers one-of-kind Journeys; a curated personalized program designed to help guide a person through the maze of holistic wellness and give them a chance to try different approaches and treatments. 

Working with a personal team of practitioners, clients will be introduced to complementary ways to approach their own health journey in a completely custom way. The Journeys include but are not limited to, Stress & Anxiety Relief, Digestive Health Journey, Hormone Rebalancing Journey, Body Positive Journey, Intuitive Eating Journey, Total Body Wellness Journey, as well as custom and corporate programs.

"Blue Hive's Journeys offer a full-mind body approach to healing and introduces a collaborative practice to holistic treatment, designed to support a patient's overall wellbeing," says Giovanna Capozza, Co-Founder and COO, Blue Hive Health.  "For many health issues, a remedy often doesn't come from a single treatment. At Blue Hive, patients are able to receive one-on-one time with a team of practitioners, like a Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Coach and Psychotherapist, at significantly reduced rates, who work together on personalized treatment programs."

As COVID-19 continues to sharpen Canadians' focus on their physical health and mental wellbeing, Blue Hive Health is committed to expanding Canadian's understanding of mind-body holistic treatments and demonstrating their positive impact. Through its diverse services which can be tailored to fit in individual needs, Blue Hive Health is on a mission to increase Canadians' access to holistic treatments and support their overall well being,

SOURCE Blue Hive Health


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