January 6th, 2017

// Blueprint Organics 5 Day Cleanse Review

It's the New Year so a lot of us are looking to jumpstart our weight loss journey for the year. One way that many around the world do so is my cleansing. Juice cleanses are cleanses that have grown in popularity in recent years.

I recently decided to purchase a juice cleanse system and my results were amazing!
I decided upon the Blueprint Organic cleansing system, specifically the Foundation Cleanse. I chose this cleanse because I desperately needed detox. Not only did I need to detox my body, I needed to detox my mind, body and soul which led me to the Foundation Cleanse. The Foundation Cleanse is centered around veggie based juices more so than fruit juices. According to their website, this cleanse triggers body digestion and detox that can help with managing weight.
I decided to do a 5 day cleanse which means that I ate no solid foods. I only drank 6 juices a day. I spaced the juices out to a juice every 2-3 hours.
The first day was easy, I believe it was due to my excitement. However, by the second day, things got a little harder. I was determined to stick to the cleanse no matter what because I wanted the results and I'm happy to say that by the 3rd day of the cleanse I no longer had a desire for solid food, instead, I craved the juices. As I stuck to drinking the juice 2-3 hours a part and drinking water, I must say I personally didn't experience much hunger during ANY of the days.
After the cleanse, I lost 8 pounds. My skin also appeared to clear up and I had a surge of energy by the 3rd day of the cleanse as well. By the 4th day, my brain fog was completely lifted and I found myself thinking clearer, feeling more positive and feeling lighter!
If you're looking for a cleanse to jumpstart your weight and to help you mentally, I would suggest this one. You never realize how much your eating is dictated and determined by your emotions until you do a cleanse. This cleanse helped me to become more mindful of that and helped me jumpstart my new healthy journey.
I do however suggest that you do research and speak to your doctor first before you start any type of extreme cleanse like this. I would also suggest that you research all of the cleanses that are on the market and know what you're looking to do to help you decide what brand and type of cleanse you want to do.


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