May 5th, 2021

// Boom Health launches mobile app to simplify home care for loved ones

Boom Health launches mobile app to simplify home care for loved ones

TORONTO, May 4, 2021 /CNW/ - Boom Health, Inc. ("Boom Health") launches a one-stop app allowing users to organize and book in-home care services, medical equipment and meal services with market leading providers with the same ease as ordering a rideshare or delivery on your phone.

Launching today in the Apple app store for iPhones and the Google Play store for Android phones, the app allows users to book personal support workers and nursing care, transportation services, medical equipment rentals and purchases, and healthy, freshly prepared meals with industry leading suppliers vetted by Boom Health. The app was designed for individual users and family members needing to organize home care on behalf of loved ones. The app is extremely easy to use, comprehensive and allows families to communicate on its chat platform with an additional option to split payments so each member can pay a portion of the cost of equipment or other services for their loved ones.

"Giving people time back to spend time with a loved one is what this is all about," says Lisa Assaf, founder of Boom Health. In early 2015, Lisa, a former family law lawyer, was facing a life-altering challenge that many Canadians are all too familiar with - organizing home care for a loved one. Her father, living alone in his late seventies, was diagnosed with cancer. So began a journey experienced by many; navigating a labyrinth of appointments, bookings, and making choices about services to support an aging or unwell family member. By the time the journey was completed, sadly with the death of her father, Lisa had a deep appreciation for how difficult this was for Canadians, especially those with jobs, children, and other responsibilities. "I remember the day of my father's discharge, being handed a large stack of paper with all kinds of instructions, and realizing it was up to my sister and me to organize a system of care personalized to him. Balancing the demands of family life, employment, and caring for a loved one can be challenging, especially when services are not readily available without playing an extended game of telephone tag! I remember feeling overwhelmed and alone. My vision for the Boom Health app is that it gives back precious time and is a helpful companion as families work together to care for an aging parent or loved one. The COVID 19 Pandemic has brought this need further into focus and it is my hope that the app will allow people to age at home longer, with the best supports in place." 

-    Lisa Assaf, founder, Boom Health.

Eager to create a digital solution to help simplify caregiving for Canadians, Lisa spent the last couple of years working with a patient and family advisory group at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, one of Canada's leading hospitals, and Ryerson DMZ, the top university-based tech incubator in the world.

"It was a blessing to know Lisa's father, and to see the good intent behind her care for him, which we see in so many patients. It's remarkable here that this care has translated into something innovative to help so many, easing the responsibility of preparing to care for someone at home. Boom is a platform that provides what families need and will help hospitals with discharge planning as well. Sunnybrook is proud to have been a part of this effort."

-    Dr. Calvin Law, Chief, Odette Cancer Centre, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

"The DMZ is thrilled for Boom, launching their app is an exciting and pivotal milestone for them as a company.  Providing quality and seamless care to our loved ones is of the utmost importance, especially during COVID-19, and I believe Boom is revolutionizing the future of caregiving through tech." 

-    Abdullah Snobar, Executive Director, DMZ & CEO, DMZ Ventures

About Boom Health:

Boom Health is a company focused on providing digital solutions to manage today's complex world of personal at-home health care. The app is currently available in Toronto and will be expanding to other cities this year. Non-Toronto residents can sign up for updates at

About The DMZ:

The DMZ helps companies grow their business. That means when founders want high-impact and a highly-customized tech incubator program, they come to the DMZ. Ranked as the top university-based tech incubator in the world, the DMZ provides a launchpad for founders to build and scale fast. Bigger and bolder than any other program of its kind, the DMZ has been creating the next gen of game-changing, global businesses since 2010. Learn more at  



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